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Sword art online

April 24th, 2015

Sword Art Online Volume one- Aincrad is the first portion in the Sword Art Online series of light books. Initially written in Japanese by Reki Kawahara and distributed in English on April 22, 2014 by Yen Press, SAO Vol.1 marks the English presentation of the series after the boundless fame of its anime adaption.

The story happens in the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online where 10,000 players have ended up caught in the trap until each of the 100 stories is cleared. On the other hand, if players kick the bucket in the amusement, they die in the game; they also die in the real life. The story talks about the real life experiences of the dark swordsman Kirito.

Much like the introductory curve of the anime arrangement in light of it, SAO Vol.1 presents an exceedingly convincing life inside a video game, specifying the battle of players to experience their lives inside the game. It successfully takes after the story of Kirito when he is initially caught in the game, getting after two years as he falls in love, advancing from a social player into a resolved one to beat the game as he discovers something worth battling for.

SAO Vol.1 is an affection story occurring in the connection of being caught inside the game and this is the focal center of the story. The relationship in the middle of Kirito and Asuna is fulfilling and gives a ton of enthusiastic advancement for Kirito throughout the span of the story, making a convincing connection for the high stakes of the game as they battle to get away. It’s not an especially profound story but rather it’s a considerable measure of fun and keeps the reader engaged in all through.

The creator shows a plainly acknowledged vision of what life inside a game may be similar to and incorporates intriguing clarifications for the different social structures that grew inside the game. For the individuals who viewed the anime, you’ll discover a ton to like in the books. A ton of things that were bypassed in the anime are clarified in a great deal and in a more successful way here and truly add to admiring the setting of the story.

The passionate circular segment that Kirito experiences throughout the span of the book is truly fulfilling and his inner point of view is a drawing in approach to view the game of the story, particularly for the individuals who have effectively viewed the anime. His vulnerability toward oneself is considerably more obvious here and this serves to reduce a portion of the protestations about the levelness of his character.

For the individuals who viewed the anime, Kirito’s first individual point of view additionally gives Kirito and Asuna’s relationship more profundity. Kirito’s enthusiastic advancement is considerably more distinguishable and convincing as the genuine impact his relationship has on his point of view gets to be substantially more evident. The book entirely finishes Kirito’s adventure his starting entanglement in the diversion before tailing him after two years toward the start of his association with Asuna. This really improves the center of the story and tells an all the more firmly woven and centered story.

Fifty shades of grey

April 24th, 2015

Making of Fifty Shades of Gray film has been the highest point of buzz in media circles. Numerous critics were given by the faultfinders. However the warmth of making the Fifty Shades of Gray film is still as extreme as it was felt when the executives and makers declared their arrangements about this film. It was difficult for the film makers to decide about the star cast of the film for six months. The name of more than fifty artists have been begat so far and a significant number of these succeeded to show up for the straight dialog and screen shots plans also yet we are waiting for the last declaration for the last name to play the energizing and testing part of Anastasia Steele. Same is the situation for the choice of lead male character. Doubtlessly the assortment of shades in character of Christian Gray makes this part a genuine test notwithstanding for the top most loved Heroes yet at the same time somebody has take up the vessel to aside.

The subject of story touched off the new start in media world. The tale of Fifty Shades of Gray motion picture is a set of three headed by Christian Gray. Anastasia is the lead character that succumbs to the wishes and ideas of her genuine legend. Dim is an effective businessman who has enough money to impress any young lady. His measures of business, way of life and individual mentality can inspire any young lady that comes close to him. The story gets to be all the more intriguing when we run over the genuine inside dull room activity. The female lead character Anastasia Steele is extremely tame to Gray’s yearnings yet battles to acknowledge all the advancements.

Despite the fact that all the center of gathering of people will be stuck upon the execution of Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele yet the supporting characters convey a substantial obligation to convey this extraordinary film towards new breakthrough of awesome achievement. The makers too are acquainted with the elevated requirements of commentators, media and group of onlookers too so they are leaving no extension for disappointment. As of late there showed up news about the rating of Fifty Shades of Gray motion picture. On the off chance that the makers would prefer not to change the story as has been affirmed as of now, there is no other decision left. Just the time will tell what the film has in store for us; till then we can appreciate the buzz.

Dakota has been commended profoundly by the critics for her astounding depiction of the Virginal student Anastasia Steele. A character that was smooth, strong and puzzling now and again was clearly one of the hardest difficulties in her career and she doesn’t deny it. She was loaded with questions when she needed the film, particularly in view of such a large number of nude scenes in the film. The entire plot spun around the lead pair’s sexual relationship.

Star Wars

April 24th, 2015

Star Wards is an epic created on a film series by George Lucas. The film series has two trilogies and the third is ready. It has produced an extensive media franchise called as the Expanded Universe. It included computer and video games, comic books, television series, books etc. it resulted in the development of a fictional universe that is described as far away. Jedi is portrayed as good and Sith as bad. They have chosen light saber as their weapon. The first film was released on May 25, 1977. It was followed by two more sequels after an interval of three years. The last film of this trilogy series was released on May 19, 2005. Lucas film was taken over by the Walt Disney and it declared that they will produce three new films with the first film titled as: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is planned to be released in 2015. People gave excellent reactions to the original trilogy and the prequel received mixed reactions. The films in the series have won Academy Awards. All the films have achieved great success at the Box Office.

The second and the third sequel were named as: The Empire Strikes Back released on May 21, 1980 and Return of the Jedi released on May 25, 1983. Many rereleases of the series were made. Lucas released a special edition of the Star Wars Trilogy in 1997. This new edition was made to add the alterations done in the three films. Lucas continued to make changes in the films for further releases. The series continued with a prequel trilogy.

The story is simple and charmingly without any “message.”
A gathering of corrupt interstellar lawmakers have toppled the honest to goodness power and made a malevolence galactic domain. Anyhow, the wonderful Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) a pioneer of the vanquished party begins a defiance to restore democracy. She learns of the usurpers’ ghastly new weapon, the “Demise Star,” a voyaging manufactured moon with sufficient shoot energy to break down a planet. With the assistance of a good looking youthful agriculturist (Mark Hamill) and a maturing warrior with wonderful clairvoyant forces (Sir Alec Guinness), she begins a resistance against the evil junta which prompts blasts, murders, fierce space fights and her own particular detainment in durance wretched. The special effects in the film are awesome and have never been seen before in the past.


The spaceship fights are indicatively extrapolated from World War II, and the film group made a trip to remote parts of the world to discover persuading settings for outsider planets. The scriptwriter (George Lucas) composed five different drafts before he was fulfilled, and the impact is to influence us that there is little in this film which may not one day happen, all things considered. In the genuine universe, such shocking excursions will be conceivable just through a dark opening. In any case, the legends in this film, while not trying to hunt down a dark gap, regardless make a most tremendous excursion. The entire starry sky saw from the spaceship openings, by one means or other parts and changes itself, giving the careful fantasy that the boat is vanishing in one spot and returning in another. It was just unbelievable.

Harry potter

April 23rd, 2015

Harry potter is a series of seven books for children. More than 450 million copies of this series have been sold out in the market and it has become the worlds best ever selling books in the history. It has been translated into more than 67 different languages. Eight movies have also been made on the basis of these seven series books. The perplexing stories, which account the hardships of a youthful wizard and his companions, have additionally propelled an effective brand, assessed to be worth $15 billion.

Behind the majority of the acclaim and fortune that Harry Potter has earned, is one moving example of overcoming adversity: that of J.K. Rowling. Joanne Rowling was riding on a train from Manchester to London, England in 1990 when the thought for Harry Potter struck her. In the wake of getting off the train, she began to compose immediately. At the same time later that year, her mom passed away in the wake of battling a long fight with a disease called as multiple sclerosis. The demise took its toll on her and confirmation of her agony can be seen in the first book, where Harry adapts to the death of this parents.

Rowling’s battles were not over. She moved to Portugal for teaching English as a second language. While there, she met and wedded a Portuguese TV writer, who she wedded and gave birth to a daughter. The marriage was not successful. Rowling conceived girl Jessica in July of 1993 and the couple separated in November. It was then that she chose to move back to Edinburgh to be close to her sister. She reviews that as a low point in her life – she was then diagnosed with depression. Yet at the same time, she decided to live.

Eventually, she started to teach a postgraduate course with a specific end goal to issue her the certifications to educate in Scotland. That was in 1995, when she had recently completed the first book of the Harry Potter series. It took her a year to locate a printing press that would print the book; still she was advised to take up a job as children’s book did not earn much profit. In any case, she continued with her work as nobody knew about the future.

Rowling got many awards for her work and gained success and reputation in the United States and in her local United Kingdom. When the fourth book was released, it sold a great 373,000 copies on its first day of offers in the U.K. furthermore; a consequent three million copies in the U.S. Rowling completed the seventh and last book of the arrangement in mid 2007. It was released a few months after the fact and sold 11 million copies on its first day in both the U.S. also, the U.K.

At the point when asked what she ascribes her prosperity to, Rowling concedes that it was her low time in life that permitted her to endure. The inclination of having “nothing to lose” was what freed her and impelled her ahead to issue us a standout amongst the most rousing examples of overcoming adversity ever. Harry potter is an actor created by the writer. He is admired by young boys and girls. You will enjoy the adventures done by Harry Potter along with his companions throughout the series. The courage and determination of the Harry Potter is inspiring for the young as well as the adults.

A song of ice and fire

April 23rd, 2015

A song of Ice and Fire is a series of fantasy novels. These are written by American novelist and screenwriter George R.R Martin. He started writing the series in the year 1991 and his first volume came into the market in 1996. Earlier, it was thought that the series will have three volumes but now there are five volumes. It is based on a fictional story that takes place on a continent called Westeros. Most of the characters in the novel are human but as it progresses more of characters such as supernatural powers and fire breathing dragons are added to it.  The three main points cover in the story includes the following: the events of a dynastic civil war to get a control over westeros among some families, the threat of others who live beyond a huge wall of ice that forms the northern border of Westeros and the aim of Daenerys Targaryen who is an exiled daughter of a king who was murdered in the civil war about 15 years ago. As the story goes on, the different story lines used to publish the novels progresses and become related to one another.


The story is written with a view of different characters. At the end of the fourth volume there are around seventeen characters in different chapters and the eight characters appears only the last chapter. Many new characters have been introduced in the end of the fifth volume for writing the sixth novel.

This novel is set in the fictional seven kingdoms of Westeros, which is a large American sized continent. The story is stretched back to around twelve thousand years.  In the story, t is revealed how seven different kingdoms rules the continent and later all the seven kingdoms joined together to form one nation ruled by AEGON the conqueror. After 238 years of AEGON’s conquest, the Targaryens fought a civil war with the king Robert Baratheon and he was helped by his friend Lord Eddard Stark and fosters Father Lord Jon Arryn.

The novels are known for complex characters, sudden and regularly savage plot turns, and political interest. In an era where magic for the most part takes focal point of the audience, this series has been known for its restricted and unpretentious utilization of magic. In these books, magic has been utilized as an uncertain and regularly vile foundation force. Finally, the books don’t revolve around a climactic conflict in the middle of “Good” and “Underhandedness;” plot lines have rotated fundamentally around political infighting and common war, with stand out or two storyline circular segments notwithstanding recommending the likelihood of an outside danger.

The books are described from an exceptionally strict third individual restricted omniscient point of view, the parts exchanging between distinctive perspective characters. Martin’s treatment of his characters makes them greatly difficult to group: not very many can be named as “great” or “underhandedness”. The creator likewise has a notoriety of not being reluctant to slaughter any character, regardless of how major.