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Best Mystery Books

December 19th, 2016

Most of the time, people relax by going out to shop, hang out with friends, or spend hours in a spa getting pampered until they feel good and satisfied; however, there are some who opt to just curl up and snuggle against pillows on the couch with a good cup of coffee on the side and one of the best mystery books in hand. Reading mystery novels is one great way to spend some quality time with yourself and somehow, these types of books keep you warm, excited, and thrilled as your mind works simultaneously while reading these interesting books.


The best mystery books that are around will definitely pique your interest and satisfy your appetite for clues, murders, suspicious characters, as well as puzzles to figure out the story. To give you an idea of what great novels are available for you to enjoy, here is a list of the best mystery books of all time.



The Hound of the Baskervilles

By: Arthur Conan



This is a classic among classics since the book is a great story, as well as an interesting take on the dynamics of both Watson and Holmes. Here, the former deduces and the latter disappears, showing that Holmes is much better when it comes to deducing. The story is set on Dartmoor, Devon which is known as England’s country in the west; the story tells of an attempted killing that has been inspired by an ancient legend concerning a diabolic and frightening hound that has a supernatural origin so both Sherlock and Watson investigate the case.



The Silence of the Lambs

By: Thomas Harris


For a young FBI agent to capture a bizarre and eccentric serial killer, she chooses to consult with another serial killer who went as far as cooking and eating his own victims. The killer agrees with her and does help her on one condition – that he gets into her head in the process. This whole set up clearly allows the agent to find her killer while simultaneously having another killer confuse her mind in the process.



And Then There Were None

By: Agatha Christie


The setting of this story starts with ten people being accused of killing a number of innocent individuals, all being stranded on an island where they begin to die one at a time in keeping with a specific nursery rhyme. Did the accused really kill anyone? Who is the real killer? Who is this Mister UN Owen?



A Coffin for Dimitrios

By: Eric Ambler


One of the best mystery books is A Coffin for Dimitrios which is a classic mystery novel that features a post-modern twist: the main character of the story is also the mystery novelist. This is a chance rendezvous with a Turkish colonel who has a fondness for crime novels; and due to the situation, Charles Latimer hopes that the notorious Dimitrios’ career will eventually inspire a plot for his next story. Unfortunately, the novelist in the novel ends up getting caught in a dark web of drugs, espionage, assassinations, and even treachery.



The Big Sleep

By: Raymond Chandler


Philip Marlowe is a loner private eye who has been asked by a dying man to stop a specific case of blackmail; and through the course of time when corpses begin to pile up, the private eye has to determine which of the dying man’s two daughters is part of the crime.



Daughter of Time

By: Josephine Tey


In one of the best mystery books called the Daughter of Time, an inspector named Alan Grant has become stuck flat on his back and to pass time, he studies the faces of the many famous portraits that were delivered to him by a friend. His own reaction to Richard III is surprising since the character is often depicted as a humpbacked demon, courtesy of William Shakespeare.



Arthur and George

By: Julian Barnes



Arthur and George is among the best mystery books of all times that is set in the turn of the twentieth-century; it follows the independent yet converging lives of two distinct British men: George Edalji and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. About one-third of the book talks of Edalji’s trial to imprisonment and the other part is about Doyle’s relationships with his very first wife and platonic lover.



Spy Who Came In From the Cold

By: John Le Carre


The book Spy who Came In From the Cold narrates a different story – a story stating that spies are no better than those individuals they are spying on. The various ideals based on freedom and democracy is stepped on by those individuals who are supposed to defend and protect these ideals.



In Cold Blood

By: Truman Capote


In Cold Blood is another one of the best mystery books of all time; its story begins with Herbert Clutter who does his usual task of checking his ranch. That same morning on the 14th of November 1959, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock meet on the other side of Kansas; while the Clutters go on with their daily tasks, both Hickock and Smith take a long drive towards their home, carrying with them a knife and a shotgun.



The Maltese Falcon

By: Dashiell Hammett



This is a story about Sam Spade who is a private detective based in San Francisco who is in partnership with Miles Archer. It is set in the year 1928 and there, a beautiful young woman named Miss Wonderly hires these private detectives to follow a man named Floyd Thursby who ran away with her sister. Archer takes on the first stint but unfortunately, he gets shot that night and is found dead; after a few hours, Thursby also gets killed and leaves Spade as the suspect.



The Name of the Rose

By: Umberto Eco


The name of the Rose is claimed to be one of the best mystery books of all time and it begins when William of Baskerville travels all the way to Italy to observe individuals who argue and debate over the Bible’s meaning and also The Burning Man; however, during the course of his trip, he is met with a mystery. One of the present friars suddenly commits suicide which puts a restraint on things since suicide is considered a major sin. William then begins to search and investigate, and this is where the suspects start dropping like flies.



Great Expectations

By: Charles Dickens


This is another one of the best mystery books of all time and it starts with Pip meeting Magwitch, a convict who has successfully escaped from a prison ship together with his accomplice. Magwitch finds it difficult to travel around with literally a ball and chain so he terrorizes Pip into getting him some food and a file to remove his restraints; Pip does as he’s told but eventually forgets the event ‘til years later.



An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

By: P.D. James


The story is all about the private detective named Cordelia Gray who one day, walks into their office in London to find her former partner and police detective dead. Bernie Pryde was her partner and he left everything to Cordelia, including his unlicensed handgun. Despite the detective agency was failing and the lack of money was present, Cordelia refused to return to her previous secretarial job and focused instead on keeping the agency in memory of her partner.



The Complete Auguste Dupin Stories

By: Edgar Allan Poe


One of the best mystery books by Edgar Allan Poe has been considered as the very first and true detective stories of all time; moreover, the volumes in this book include the author’s other detective fictional classics that feature the same character.



The Moonstone

By: Wilkie Collins



The story of The Moonstone revolves around a certain diamond that was stolen from the statue of Vishnu by  an English soldier. Since the diamond is being hunted by a couple of dangerous individuals, the soldier then decides to offer the diamond to his niece as a gift for her birthday. Of course, the night of her birthday is when the diamond was taken so this marks the beginning of the hunt.




By: Daphne du Maurier


This is among the few best mystery books of all time that feature a Gothic-romantic theme; it is a story about a young lady who marries an older man. It was all good at first, however, the young woman ends up getting drowned into the dark swirling mystery that surrounds his first wife’s death.



When We Were Orphans

By: Kazuo Ishiguro


Another one of the best mystery books of all time is When We Were Orphans; the story is about Christopher Banks who once lived in the Shanghai International Settlement. He stayed there until his father – an opium dealer / businessman – and mother disappeared just within a few weeks of each other. From then, he was sent to England to live with his aunt and then became one of the most successful detectives around. His acquired skills will be used to solve the case of his parent’s disappearance.



The Poet

By: Michael Connelly


The Poet is generally a serial killer who enjoys having his victims – specifically police officers – appear to have killed themselves while leaving behind quotes from Edgar Allan Poe. A reporter named Jack McEvoy decides to look into and research about his own brother’s suicide.



The Shining

By: Stephen King


The Shining is about a recovering alcoholic and writer named Jack who takes his family to a mysterious and remote hotel for the sole reason of writing during the winter. However, his son, Danny, ends up having various visits from ghosts which scares him greatly, and at some point when these spirits plan to take over the boy, these spirits end up attacking Jack who is known to be highly receptive.



The Mystic River

By: Dennis Lehane


One of the best mystery books of all time is the Mystic River which is about three kids playing on some street in Boston yet one gets abducted by an unknown person. This boy is named Dave and he successfully escapes from those who abducted him, only after being sexually molested by men. Skipping to twenty-five years after, the three still live in the same area but one turned into a cop, an ex-con, and Dave who had become dead inside due to what happened in the past.

Best Humor Books

December 19th, 2016

Reading finely written books can take you to places through your imagination; however, it is quite rare to find books that can easily and naturally provoke a fit of laughter. Reading can be considered as an insular and relaxing activity, and when a book is able to release all sorts of emotions, this only means that what you have is a very special and well-written book.


Here is our list of some of the best humor books of all time:


A Confederacy of Dunces

By: John Kennedy Toole


Known as an American comic masterpiece as well as one of the best humor books of all time; the book follows the story of Ignatius Reilly, an obese savant who had several failed attempts to blend in with society. The Confederacy of Dunces has been named as one of the masterpieces of comedy whose pages are filled with some of the best fictional ideas in literature.



Three Men in a Boat

By: Jerome K. Jerome


The book tells the story of a two-week boat trip holiday; right on the Thames where the characters left off from Kingston; Thames to Oxford then all the way back to Kingston.



The Code of Woosters

By: P.G. Wodehouse


This is a story of Bertie who is recovering from a bachelor party he personally threw for his fish-faced friend. Yet while Bertie was still recovering, his Aunt Dahlia summoned him and ordered him to head straight for a specific antique shop just to sneer at a cow creamer. The act was a way to squeeze out the shop owner’s confidence which will eventually drop the item’s price before Aunt Dahlia’s husband buys this.



Good Omens

By: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett


At some point, the army of good and evil have started to gather while Atlantis starts to emerge, frogs are everywhere, and tempers are flaring up – all these seemingly part of the succeeding Divine Plan. However, a fast-living demon and a rather meticulous angel who have both lived on Earth since The Beginning, are not really amused by the coming Rapture since both have somehow grown fond and enjoyed the lifestyle of mortals.



Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

By: Douglas Adams



Just a few seconds before the Earth’s annihilation to simply make way for the creation of a galactic expressway, Arthur Dent is picked out from the planet by one of his friends to begin their journey through this space-aided adventure with the help of quotes right from The Hitchhiker’s Guide. This has become one of the best humor books of all time because of its brilliantly written ideas, wit, and of course, humor.



Lamb – The Gospel According to Biff

Jesus Christ’s Childhood Pal

By: Christopher Moore


The birth, acts, glorious teachings, as well as the divine sacrifice of Jesus right after his thirtieth birthday have been finely chronicled yet no one really knows how the early life of Jesus was – except for Biff, the best buddy of the Messiah. He has been resurrected to share His story through a pleasantly hilarious yet very heartfelt work.



Cold Comfort

By: Stella Gibbons


One of the best humor books until today is Cold Comfort, a comic novel which spoofs the romanticized and sometimes doomed accounts of the popular rural life during that time.



High Fidelity

By: Nick Hornby


Nick Hornby is a popular contemporary writer who has come up with one of the best humor books of all time; his story begins with the protagonist, Rob Fleming, who bumbles from an ill-advised set to another. The book is also one clear way that dissects man’s incompetency of growing up that is shown in this painfully and hilariously true comic.



Black Swan Green

By: David Mitchell


A coming of age tale that is also considered among the best humor books around; Jason Taylor is a young boy who is attempting to understand the world in the year 1982 in Worcestershire. In the story, his parents seem to connive in self-destruction and Jason is trying to work all of these things out. Languages and references used are all spot on and the abundance of comic set pieces keep the story entertaining without falling into melodrama.



Gargantua and Pantagruel

By: Francois Rabelais


This is a set of fun and energetic-themed novels that mix slingshot satire with crazy vulgarity; Gargantua and Pantagruel is among the best humor books that focus on a family saga that associates giants and their crazy adventures like battles with mustard-excreting flying pigs, swallowing pilgrims after they have landed onto the salad plates of the giants, as well as spurting out broad Church-related rudeness.



The Diary of a Nobody

By: Weeden and George Grossmith


Long ago, Charles Pooter earned the recognition of the suffix ‘-esque‘ and this amazingly created masterpiece has never been out of print, thus, making it one of the best humor books of all time.




By: Irvine Welsh



This book is a mixture of all sorts of things – everything violent, dark, addictive, and destructive; but above all else, Trainspotting is a tour de force of pure black comedy. Welsh uses his gift of excellent language to mesmerize you and every other reader, displaying the caustically thrilling misadventures that Rents, Begbie, Sick Boy, etc. take part in.



American Psycho

By: Bret Easton Ellis


This book is similar to Trainspotting and it is also among the best humor books around; American Psycho features characters that can be considered as crude scoundrels but operate and function on a much higher social layer. However, despite the characters being a group of loathsome people, there is still the presence of an Earthy humor to the character’s extremely bland life. The book may have graphic murders yet you will have more laughs than horror.



The Commitments

By: Roddy Doyle


There is something fun and entertaining to sing about in Barrytown, Dublin since The Commitments is sharing the soul’s gospel to those around them. The group’s double assault takes them from parish halls right to the studio’s door but can they really live up to their name?



The Ginger Man

By: JP Donleavy


One of the finest rascals in literature is probably Sebastian Dangerfield – a borderline intellectual who has lively boho aspirations yet cannot avoid stopping himself from getting dead drunk at every opportunity. Despite the book being banned in Ireland and the US due to its obscenity, the book is still considered as one of the funniest and best humor books that you will ever have read.



Straight Man

By: Richard Russo


The mid-life crisis of a male is often a rich playground of ideas for stories and Straight Man is one of the best humor books around; it focuses on the life of an English Department’s interim chairman named Hank Deveraux as he takes on his dear wife, daughter, feelings for three women, and also the campus geese as his life slowly unravels throughout the story.



Blood Sucking Friends

By: Christopher Moore


Jody never really wanted to become a vampire but she ends up becoming one after waking under an alley dump together with an aching neck, severely burnt arm, superhuman strength, plus an indescribable thirst that she annoyingly can’t control.



Skippy Dies

By: Paul Murray


You know that Skippy just by reading the title, but the tragic occurrence does not detract from the amusing accounts of a teenager’s life while in a top-notch boarding school in Dublin. The story is both funny and touching – something that isn’t always an easy aspect to pull off. This is one reason why Skippy Dies is one of the best humor books that you should definitely get your hands on.



Tietam Brown

By: Mick Foley


The story revolves around the life of Andy or Antietam Brown V together with his capricious father Antietam. Tietam Brown is one of the unflinching, raw, painfully funny as well as amusing stories that is also appealing and direct, pleasurable and moving in its excellent storytelling fashion.



The Comedy of Errors

By: William Shakespeare



Shakespeare was able to skillfully employ slapstick in one of the best humor books of all time and he marvelously titled this as The Comedy of Errors. The story is about two sets of twins who were all separated at birth; today, a lot of academics praise this work of Shakespeare since it focuses on social relationships.

Best Management Books

December 19th, 2016

Generally, we know that there are multiple elements necessary for one to be an effective and efficient manager; however, no matter how good you are, you will always be responsible for supervising and overseeing all the activities of your company and employees. Aside from comprehensively understanding the business, you will simultaneously need to be a highly effective motivator and efficient leader as well.


To become the best, we often turn to books that talk about proper management and we know that there is a large number of managerial books available, but not all of them are complete with thoughts, ideas, and tips that will help achieve your goals. With that, here is a list of some of the most efficient and best management books that haven proven to withstand the test of time.



On Becoming a Leader

By: Warren G. Bennis


This is one of the best management books of all time where its author argued that leaders are not born, but made. In On Becoming a Leader, Bennis focused on the essential characteristics that readily defines leadership, the individuals who exemplify these qualities, and also the various strategies that can be applied to achieve this. This is an amazing book that has served countless readers as their source of vital insights on proper leadership.



Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

By: Stephen Covey



This book has been a top-seller as well as one of the best management books of all time for the sole reason that it completely and purposely disregards trends, as well as pop psychology for established principles that relate to integrity, fairness, human dignity, and honesty.



Financial Intelligence

By: Joe Knight and Karen Berman


Financial Intelligence is a book where the two authors teach the basic aspects of finance with a twist; they argue that financial reporting is more of an art than a science due to the fact that no one can really quantify everything. They remind managers that they are required to have knowledge on the sources of potential bias and how these can easily affect financials.



The Innovator’s Dilemma

By: Clayton Christensen


The Innovator’s Dilemma is one of the best management books available that focuses on disruptive technology; the author explains why most of the big companies usually miss out on the ‘next great wave’. It does not matter if the company focuses on retailing or electronics because no matter what, a successful company with well-established products will still be pushed aside and ignored unless the managers are knowledgeable enough to know when the right time to relinquish traditional business practices is.



When Genius Failed

By: Roger Lowenstein


The book captures the gripping and challenging ride of long-term capital management by drawing and focusing on various confidential internal memos as well as interviews with a large number of key players.



Getting Things Done

By: David Allen



This is one of the best management books available that a lot of managers, as well as employees, need to look into for better efficiency and productivity in the workplace. The title of the book is generally a time management procedure and it is clearly and thoroughly explained in this bestselling book. Getting Things Done is also referred to as GTD by a lot of individuals.



Purple Cow

By: Seth Godin


Purple Cow is one of the best management books today that urges a person to place a ‘Purple Cow’ into everything and anything that they create and do. It is generally a proclamation for marketers who aim to establish products that are worth marketing.



The Effective Executive

By: Peter F. Drucker


In this book, Drucker reminds all of us that the executive’s measures are the power to accomplish all the right things which usually includes doing what others have missed and also avoiding things that are considered productive. The Effective Executive is among the list of the best management books of all time that informs us that knowledge, intelligence, as well as one’s imagination may be wasted in an administrative job without having the necessary habits that form them into actual results.



In Search of Excellence

By: Robert H. Waterman Jr. and Tom Peters


A great read that features various secrets on how to discover the true art of management; Waterman and Peters both studied the different successful companies in America that specialized in areas such as services, technology, and consumer goods. The two have learned that despite the differences of these companies, all of them shared the basic laws of management that everyone can utilize to achieve their success.



Growing a Business

By: Paul Hawken



Growing a Business is one of the best management books that Haken wrote to help those who dream of starting a business to succeed. He also thoroughly explains that the purpose of business is not really to take risks but to get something, the right things, done.



Competing for the Future

By: Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad


Competing for the Future is a book where the authors have shared their comprehensible model that shows how modern-day executives can easily determine and achieve their goals in the marketplace of the future.  Furthermore, the authors also address how managers can ease the strain and stress between competition and actually leading effectively towards the future.



The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

By: Patrick Lencioni


This book is actually a leadership fable that is just as instructive and informative as Lencioni’s previous works; he focuses his storytelling prowess and keen intellect on the fascinating, complex, and interesting world of teams which makes this one of the best management books available.



The E-Myth Revisited

By: Michael E. Gerber


This book is considered as an instant classic, thus making it one of the popular and best management books around; The E-Myth Revisited dispels the various myths about establishing your own business and author Michael Gerber clearly points out how these common expectations, technical expertise, as well as assumptions can become a hindrance when it comes to successfully running an effective business.



The First Ninety Days

Critical Success Strategies

By: Michael Watkins


The First Ninety Days has become one of the best management books of all time since it was globally recognized as the leadership bible and career transitions of a lot of executives and people in businesses. In this updated edition, author Michael Watkins gives you the various elements to successfully plan your next move to achieve success for your business. He also provides a set of successful strategies that will dramatically help diminish the time it takes to actually achieve the break-even point of an organization.



The Twenty-One Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

By: John C. Maxwell


In one of the best management books of all time, Maxwell has compiled various ideas, insights, and skills that he has learned from over thirty years of successful leadership as well as mistakes along the way.



Leadership and Self-Deception

By: Arbinger Institute


Leadership and Self-Deception is a straight-forward read that clearly explains how leaders, managers, and executives can readily uncover their own self-deception as well as how to break away from these destructive patterns.



Competitive Advantage

By: Michael E. Porter


One of the best management books that displays a fresh new method for clearly understanding what a firm really does. The author explains the concept of a value chain and how it disaggregates an organization into certain activities or functions that represent the basic elements of competitive advantage.



What Management Is

By: Joan Magretta



One of the best management books that will give you and all other readers a clear idea of what it takes to be able to make an organization perform successfully; the book also presents a variety of basic management principles in a way that everyone will easily grasp the idea of this.



Primal Leadership

By: Daniel Goleman


Primal Leadership focuses on the importance of emotional intelligence when it comes to leadership; the author, Daniel Goleman, also discusses the various characteristics of a good and effective leader, as well as the various leadership techniques and styles while simultaneously outlining the methods to become a highly efficient leader.



The Art of Strategy

By: Avinash Dixit


The Art of Strategy teaches you how to skillfully anticipate the next moves of your opponent or competitors; this is a part of the game theory and it actually involves simple common sense to be able to execute these ideas successfully. The theory can easily be mastered by simply developing a new perspective of seeing the world, as well as by utilizing a variety of rich case studies.

Best Horror Books

December 19th, 2016

It may not be Halloween but the genre of horror will always be in season; although it is also a genre that most readers usually ignore or write off, every great horror novelist will best inform you of the most horrifying scenes that are kept deep in one’s mind.


Here are some of the best horror books of all time that will definitely bring a chill down your spine:



1. The Amityville Horror

By: Jay Anson


This is one of the best horror books of all time that follows the story of a family who purchased a huge house at a very low cost; however, there is a catch. This beautiful home that they purchased was the scene of numerous horrible crimes, thus a lot of unknown and mysterious activities have been occurring since the family moved in.



2. Books of Blood

By: Clive Barker


This is a book that features a collection of different short horror stories; a lot of the featured stories in the Books of Blood have been adapted into films that vary in quality and these are movies like Candyman, Rawhead, The Midnight Meat Train, and more.



3. Dracula

By: Bram Stoker



This is one of the most popular, classic, and best horror books of all time; Dracula is a gothic horror story created by Bram Stoker and it tells the story of Dracula’s efforts to move all the way to England to search for new blood and spread the curse of the dead. He also aims to win the battle against a group of individuals that is led by the man named Abraham Van Helsing.



4. Carrion Comfort

By: Dan Simmons


One of the best horror books from Dan Simmons is his Carrion Comfort which is set during the 40’s; it talks about three age-old mind vampires who do not just possess a person, but they make use of an individual’s mind to feed and satiate their hunger.



5. Ghost Story

By: Peter Straub


Ghost Story is one of the popular and best horror books of all time that is shared through the point of view of four old men. They gather and kill time by sharing various ghost stories focusing on paranormal revenge.



6. The Turn of the Screw

By: Henry James


The book is about a young woman who works as a governess for two strangely stunning, silent, and distant children named Flora and Miles who live in an estate that is haunted by an alarming evil. Eerie figures that stare from darkened towers and those standing behind dusty old windows, the governess realize that these fiendish beings want the children – seeking to possess their minds, tarnish their bodies, and own their souls as well.



7. Haunting of Hill House

By: Shirley Jackson



This is one of the best horror books of all time that has revolutionized the modern paranormal stories; the book begins with Dr. Johnson Montague and Eleanor Vance who seek help from a young artist and the heir of the Hill House. The group heads straight for the old

Mansion to study and examine the place where rooms begin to shift and the whole architecture seems to make no sense at all.



8. The Stand

By: Stephen King


Another one of the popular and best horror books that have been created by Stephen King; The Stand narrates how the world ends – the error in a computer located in the laboratory of the Defense Department together with a plethora of contacts forming the connections in a chain letter of death. After the end, the new worlds’ institutions are wiped away and about 99% of its population has been emptied. The Stand also narrates about a world where the only survivors are panicking individuals who need to choose or are chosen.



9. The Silence of the Lambs

By: Thomas Harris


The story begins with Clarice Starling – a young trainee for the FBI who was given the task of collecting psychological profiles of various serial killers; here, Starling presents a number of questionnaires to the extremely smart forensic psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, who is also a cannibalistic serial killer.



10. Little Star

By: John Ajvide Lindqvist


The story is about two young females – one considered as extraordinary while the other suffocates beneath her own negativity and mediocrity – who both connect, meet, then form an online friendship that will eventually have unfortunate consequences. The theme of Little Star generally focuses on the modern-day fears and worries that drive the anxiety of most adolescents.



11. The Call of Cthulhu

By: H.P. Lovecraft



The Call of Cthulhu is one of the best horror books known as a dangerously frightening story of how weak the human mind is, especially when it is being confronted by intelligence and powers that are far more powerful compared to our world.



12. The Passage

By: Justin Cronin


This is a story that is all about survival during a catastrophe; the story begins with Amy who was left behind by her mother and was eventually pursued then imprisoned by unknown shadowy figures.



13. The Shining

By: Stephen King


The Shining is another one of the best horror books of all time that speak of an individual named Danny, a young five-year-old that is considered as a shiner due to his psychic voltage. However, when Danny’s father became the Overlook Hotel’s caretaker, the young boy’s visions grew frighteningly and incredibly out of control.



14. The Damnation Game

By: Clive Barker


There are a lot of other things that are far more concerning than death; and also, there are games created so exquisitely evil and vile that no gambler around can even exist. Amid the rubble that has been left from WWII, a man named Joseph Whitehead dared challenge the evil champion of life’s greatest game; when he eventually became a millionaire, Whitehead is locked in a terrifying fortress designed by himself and has hell to pay for all his doings.



15. Piercing

By: Ryu Murakami


The protagonist of the story has a strange liking for ‘piercing’, and he has somehow overcome the urge to just pierce through the flesh of his just newborn baby. To get his frustrations out, he decides to look elsewhere and thus, captured a prostitute instead, taking all of his issues out on her for the time being. A lot of talk about cutting the Achilles tendon, as well as horrifying things and ideas that can easily build-up in a normal person’s mind and soul.



16. The Handmaid’s Tale

By: Margaret Atwood


Another one of the best horror books of all time since the vision of Atwood is just one of the most frightening and she makes it all seem so possible. In the story, the world is controlled by a religious yet woman-hating society that only considers them as laborers and breeders.



17. The House of Leaves

By: Mark Z. Danielewski



This book is not only a mind-blowing as well as mind-boggling haunted house story, but it is also one story that can leave its readers feeling claustrophobic just by the very act of reading through the book. The House of Leaves is an expansively thrilling story that will surely invade the minds of anyone.



18. Heart-Shaped Box

By: Joe Hill


Another one of the best horror books that will surely pique anyone’s interest; the story is about an aging rock star that purchases a suit that is infested, or rather, inhabited by a poltergeist. The suit eventually turns on him and the story will keep anyone up all night.



19. The Complete Tales and Poems

By: Edgar Allan Poe


The list of best horror books will never be complete without a little bit of Edgar Allan Poe – this is a compilation of the mysterious and supernatural tales created by the original master of fear and terror. Poe simply knows how to capture anyone with their hearts in their throats and this is one of the books that you should definitely have especially if you enjoy such themes.



20. Dawn

By: Octavia Butler


The mix of horror and science fiction created by Butler always seems to be terrifying and beautiful – something that isn’t an easy thing to achieve; the story begins when an alien race saves every last human standing; however, they demand a very steep and rather disturbing price. The book teaches you that whatever happens, no trade will ever be free.




Best Historical Fiction Books

December 19th, 2016

Another fascinating form of literature is historical fiction since these are novels that make use of historical figures such as characters, events and places that feature the proper settings of fictional work.


The best historical fiction books are those that make the reader feel as if they have been brought back in time to that historical period as they read the story. These kinds of works should not only reflect the physical setting, it should also accurately portray the characters’ perspective, values, morals, and sensibilities during the era.


Here is a list of the best historical fiction books that will surely bring you back to the past:



A Tale of Two Cities

By: Charles Dickens


Set in the period before and during the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities tells the story of Charles Darnay who is an exiled French aristocrat, and his wife Lucie Manette.



Memoirs of a Geisha

By: Arthur Golden



Memoirs of a Geisha is a story of a young girl named Chiyo who lives in a fishing village. She was sold by her poor family to an okiya or geisha house in Kyoto and is then renamed Sayuri. She then discovers the secrets and sacrifices of a geisha.




By: Sarah Waters


Margaret Prior, the protagonist, visits the Millbank Prison in England during the Victorian era to recover from depression and her failed suicide attempt. As she becomes the prison’s “Lady Visitor” or a guiding figure of the other female prisoners, she meets and gets drawn to Selina Dawes, a medium of spirits.



The Historian

By: Elizabeth Kostova


While exploring her father’s library at one late night, a young woman finds an antique book and a stash of letters addressed to ‘My dear and unfortunate successor’. This discovery brings her to a maze where her mother’s unfathomable fate and the secrets of her father’s past which connect to an evil hidden in the depths of the past. The story combines the history and folklore of Vlad Tepes with his fictional equivalent, Count Dracula.



Mariette in Ecstasy

By: Ron Hansen


This is one of the best historical fictions that tell the story of Mariette; she joins the order of the Sisters of the Crucifixion in the early 1900’s. Prone to “inner wrenchings”, she disrupts the convent’s serenity when she experiences the stigmata of Christ. Mariette in Ecstasy shows three perspectives – that of the investigating priest, the nuns’, and Mariette herself.



The Name of the Rose

By: Umberto Eco


Considered among the most original and best historical fiction books, The Name of the Rose is set in the 14th century where Adso, a novice, follows William of Baskerville, an Oxford-educated monk to an Italian monastery where bizarre deaths happen to its inhabitants.  Brother William then investigates this and collects evidence, interpret secret symbols, decode manuscripts, and digs into a labyrinth at night -and this is where the most interesting things happen.



The Three Musketeers

By: Alexandre Dumas



D’Artagnan, a Gasconian nobleman leaves his home to make a living in Paris. He brings with him a letter of introduction to his father’s friend who is the captain of the King’s Musketeers.



Place of Greater Safety

By: Hilary Mantel


One of the best historical fiction books that focus on the French Revolution; Place of Greater Safety focuses on the lives of Maximilien Robespierre, Camille Desmoulins, and Georges Danton.




By: Anya Seton


Seton’s Katherine is one of the best historical fiction books that tells the story of England’s significant 14th-century love affair between Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster and King Edward III’s third surviving son.



The Killer Angels

By: Michael Shaara


The Killer Angels, one of the best historical fiction books of all time, talks about the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. On July 1, 1863, over fifty-one thousand men died, were wounded, and went missing during the largest battle of the American Civil War.



Every Man for Himself

By: Beryl Bainbridge


The story is all about the 1912 RMS Titanic tragedy begins with Morgan, a rich and young American orphan who finds it difficult to find his cabin when he boards the Titanic. However, there are no crew members present to guide him so he proceeds to observe on the ship and continues to see more mysteries.



The Scarlet Letter

By: Nathaniel Hawthorne



One of the best historical books set in June 1642 in the Puritan community of Boston; it tells the adulterous tale of Hester Prynne who is found guilty and is punished by letting her wear a scarlet with an “A” which stands for adulteress. Her lover then is wracked with guilt and plans to keep his relationship with Hester a secret. Roger Chillingworth, her husband, becomes obsessed and seeks revenge



Alias Grace

By: Margaret Atwood


A story about the notorious murder in Toronto in the year 1843; Grace Marks is accused guilty of murder was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, she is hired out from prison and eventually shows symptoms of hysteria. This led to Grace being interviewed by an alienist, then she proceeds to share her life story.




By: Andrew Miller


The story takes place in Paris in the year 1785; the presence of Jean-Baptiste Baratte, a Normandy engineer, is called to the Palace of Versailles. There, he is commissioned by the state to destroy the cemetery beneath the Les Innocents church and dispose of the thousands of buried corpses.



The English Patient

By: Michael Ondaatje


One of the best historical fiction books that trace four dissimilar people who were brought together at an Italian villa after World War II – a patient, a nurse, a thief, and a sapper and each is haunted by the English patient’s riddle. This is a story of the English patient’s memories, passions, and betrayal.



The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

By: John Boyne


During the Second World War, Bruno and his family move from Berlin to live near the concentration camp where his father has become a commandant. The unhappy and lonely child wanders and meets a Jewish boy, Shmuel then forms a forbidden friendship with him, unaware of the consequences of this.



Sarum: The Novel of England

By: Edward Rutherfurd


Through the stories of several families from and around Salisbury, Sarum: The Novel of England talks about the city from its prehistoric era until the year 1985.



Pope Joan

By: Donna Woolfolk Cross


Based on the medieval legend of Pope Joan, this tells the story of a young woman named Joan who is urged by her own desire to gain knowledge to dress as a man and eventually becomes a pope.



The Birth of Venus

By: Sarah Dunant


Set in the late 15th century in the Italian city of Florence, this tells the story of Alessandra Cecchi, a child of the Renaissance is drawn to the abilities of a young painter from northern Europe. She brings him along with her to her nativity decorate the chapel walls in her family’s Florentine palazzo. However, her flourishing relationship is disrupted when she is forced to marry a wealthy older man where she ends up with a miserable life.



Shanghai Girls

By: Lisa See


Two sisters, Pearl and May, experience a lot of pain and suffering when WWII reaches the city of Shanghai. They leave the war-torn city for the United States and enters arranged marriages.

Best Fiction Books

December 19th, 2016

When it comes to selecting the best fiction books of all time, there is a plethora of categories to choose from such as compelling short story collections and bestselling sci-fi epics; also, the narratives that come from varying genres are similar when it comes to the fact that they are all extremely appealing and captivating.


To give book lovers a glimpse of some of the greatest reads, here is a list of the best fiction books of all time:



1. To Kill a Mockingbird

By: Harper Lee



Scout Finch, along with her brother Jem and widowed father, Atticus, live in the town of Maycomb in Alabama. During this time, the town suffers from the Great Depression, yet being a family that is somewhat well-off; Scout and company somehow survive the situation compared to the rest of society, or do they?



2. 1984

By: George Orwell


1984 is among the best fiction books of all time, and it starts off with the member of Outer Party, Winston Smith. Smith is part of the Ministry of Truth’s Records Department where he supposedly rewrites and distorts history. He wishes to escape all this tyranny, even if it’s just in his own mind, so Smith decides to write a diary – an act of sin which is punishable by death. However, telescreens are placed in every place imaginable: his home, work cubicle, the cafeteria, and even in the bathroom. Will Smith be able to get out of this alive?



3. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

By: C.S. Lewis


In 1940, four siblings named Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy were among those children who have been moved away from London during WWII; they were made to live in the countryside together with the eccentric professor Kirke. Once they had settled in his home, Lucy explores the professor’s home then stumbles upon a huge antique wardrobe. Not only is it a beautiful piece of furniture but also doubles as a magic portal to a snowy forest in a land named Narnia.



4. Invisible Man

By: Ralph Ellison


Invisible Man was instantly considered as a masterpiece and it is one of those rare and best fiction books that have changed American literature. Here, Ellison’s nameless hero takes readers into a different world that makes it seem like our own is just some hilarious comic relief. The story is sardonic and suspense-filled, as well as narrated in a tone that embraces the range of the American language. Invisible Man is definitely among the most dazzling creations of the century.



5. The Catcher in the Rye

By: J.D. Salinger


The hero of this book is known to be an ancient sixteen-year-old child who leaves his prep school to explore New York’s underground area. This boy is both simple and complex for readers to truly comment on his persona and story, but we can say that this young boy was born with a strong attraction to beauty and is almost hopelessly bound by it.



6. Lord of the Flies

By: William Golding



Lord of the Flies is one of the best fiction books that has caught the attention of a lot of readers; the story starts off when an airplane crashes close to an isolated island that can be located in the Pacific Ocean’s remote area. Here, the only survivors of the crash are two pre-adolescent boys named Ralph and Piggy who both find a conch which they later used to call out other survivors – if any.



7. The Grapes of Wrath

By: John Steinbeck


Tom Joad and his family are forced out from their farm and are led to California together with others to search for land, jobs, and even hope for a much brighter future. The Grapes of Wrath is known as one of the best fiction books of all time since it focuses on the unity amongst humans, as well as love and the need for cooperation than just individual needs.



8. Never Let Me Go

By: Kazuo Ishiguro


When Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy were still young students at an exclusive boarding school in the countryside; they recalled it being a place of effervescent cliques with mysterious rules where the teachers often reminded the students of how special they were. After so many years, these children have grown into young adults and upon looking back at their past, they finally understood what really makes them special.



9. Gone with the Wind

By: Margaret Mitchell


This is another one of the best fiction books of all time which was written by Margaret Mitchell; the story is set during the American Civil War and the reconstruction period and it describes the struggles and challenges of a spoiled daughter of a plantation owner; she does everything to claw her way out of poverty but eventually finds herself after Sherman’s March right into the sea.



10. A Clockwork Orange

By: Anthony Burgess


One of the most popular and best fiction books that have ever been written is A Clockwork Orange; it is known as a dystopian novel that is set in the nearest future that features a subculture filled with intense violence between the youth.



11. Ulysses

By: James Joyce


This book, aside from being part of the list of best fiction books of all time, remains one of the most rewarding and challenging works of English literature. Ulysses creates a set of parallels between novels and poems. It also features a structural connection between the experiences and characters.



12. Fahrenheit 451

By: Ray Bradbury


Fahrenheit 451, considered among the best fiction books of all time, is known as a dystopian novel that displays the future of a society. Here, every book is banned and having any type is prohibited; firefighters are then allowed to burn every book found.



13. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

By: Lewis Carroll



One of the best fiction books that speaks of the story of Alice, who unfortunately falls through the rabbit hole and ends up landing in a fantasy world that is filled with eccentric, peculiar, and rather humanlike creatures; moreover, the story of Alice’s Adventures play with wit and logic, leaving it one of the favorites for both adults and children.



14. The Canterbury Tales

By: Chaucer


The tales present in this book are exhibited as part of a contest that is led by a group of pilgrims while they travel all the way from London to Canterbury to pay visit to Saint Thomas Becket’s shrine that can be located at the Canterbury Cathedral.




15. A Game of Thrones

By: George R.R. Martin


Lord Eddard Stark, a Warden of the north , considers it as a curse when their King Robert bequeaths the office of the Hand to him; honor will weigh him down once at court since a true man in this situation does what he will and not what he should, and a dead enemy is considered as a thing of beauty.



16. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

By: J.K. Rowling



Right on the evening of Halloween, the Goblet of Fire spurts out the names of those who will be competing in the Triwizard Tournament; those chosen champions include Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, and of course, Harry Potter. However, since Potter is still too young to be joining such tournaments, mass chaos ensues and this will determine if he will be allowed to join or not.



17. Jane Eyre

By: Charlotte Brontë


The story begins with an isolated, ten-year-old orphan who lives with a family that disapproves of her; the little orphan, however, grows with strength and succeeds in life as she excels in school, ends up becoming a governess, then eventually falls in love with a man named Edward Rochester. However, after being deceived by the man, she goes off to Marsh End where the previous orphan regains her spirituality and simultaneously discovers her strengths.



18. The Sun Also Rises

By: Ernest Hemingway


This is a story by Ernest Hemingway which is about a set of British and American emigrants who journey all the way from Paris to Pamplona for the Festival of San Fermin. They travel all the way to the area to be able to enjoy and watch the various bullfights and running bulls in the area.



19. Angels and Demons

By:  Dan Brown



Journeying through the dangerous catacombs, sealed crypts, and the deserted cathedrals, Vetra and Langdon follow a four-hundred-year-old path of ancient symbols that snakes all over Rome which leads to the long-forgotten lair of the Illuminati – known as a secret area that protects the only salvation for the Vatican.



20. Of Mice and Men

By: John Steinbeck


John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is a parable that speaks of what it all means to be a human being; Steinbeck’s story is about George and Lennie’s dream of having their very own ranch, as well as the various obstacles and challenges that may stand in the way of their dream. All this displays the real nature of dignity, sacrifice, loneliness, and dreams.

Best Famous Books

December 19th, 2016

We cannot deny that there are thousands of great and best famous books of all time, and these books come in different genres such as fiction, non-fiction, horror, and a lot more. These popular and highly notable books do not only come from the present since there is a large number of these from the past that are still popular today; furthermore, these old books even top the bestselling modern books of today.


So to give you an idea of what the best famous books of all time are, here is a list of some of the greatest selling books that are still sought after until today:



In Search of Lost Time

By: Marcel Proust


This is the first part of Proust’s best famous books of all time; here, he also introduces the various themes that are present in the story. The story begins with the protagonist (also the narrator) reliving his childhood while being aided by the popular Madeleine.



Anna Karenina

By: Leo Tolstoy



One of the best famous books of all time is Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy which tells of the tragic love affair of the rebellious and sensuous Anna and the flamboyant officer named Count Vronsky. However, tragedy eventually unfolds when she dismisses her passionless marriage to endure the hypocritical behavior of society.




By: James Joyce


One of the best famous books is Ulysses that narrates the passages of Leopold Bloom. This title points and parallels to Odysseus who is known as the hero of Odyssey by Homer.



Madame Bovary

By: Gustave Flaubert


This is a tale of a lady, destroyed by her reckless chase to achieve her romantic dreams; to create the story of Madame Bovary, its author bravely peered right into the heart of an adulteress to clearly and thoroughly list its contents with sheer dispassion. Because of this, the author, Gustave Flaubert was tried for offenses against religion and ethics.



Moby Dick

By: Herman Melville


Moby Dick has been named the greatest novel in the history of American literature and it is also one of the best famous books of all time. The story is about Captain Ahab and his monomaniacal quest to hunt down the white whale who took one of his legs during his previous expedition out in the sea.




By: Vladimir Nabokov



A book that has become internationally popular due to its innovative style of storytelling, as well as it being infamous for tackling a rather controversial and sensitive subject: a middle-aged man, the unreliable narrator and protagonist of the story, who becomes utterly obsessed and even sexually involved with a 12 year old girl, Dolores Haze.




By: William Shakespeare


A tragic novel about Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark; this is among the best famous books that is believed to have been created around the years 1599 and 1601. The story recounts how Hamlet takes revenge on Claudius, his uncle, who murdered the prince’s father to take the throne then later on, married the queen who is Hamlet’s mother.



The Stories of Anton Chekhov

By: Anton Chekhov


Anton Chekhov is a short-story writer, physician, and playwright from Russia who is known as one of the greatest writers of short stories in the world of literature. The Stories of Anton Chekhov is known as one of the best famous books of all time since it is a compilation of the sought out short stories that he created.



The Divine Comedy

By: Dante Alighieri


A creation of Dante Alighieri that is known as a very moving drama; The Divine Comedy shows Dante’s unforgettable journey through the endless torments of Hell then up to the difficult passages of Purgatory before reaching the brilliant realm of Paradise.



Great Expectations

By: Charles Dickens



This is one of the best famous books that follow the story of either a woman or man in their journey to search for maturity; it generally begins in their childhood and ends right in the adulthood of the main character which is exactly how the story goes for the orphan named Pip. He writes about his life from his younger days until he reaches adulthood where he attempts to be a refined gentleman in the process.



The Brothers Karamazov

By: Fyodor Dostoyevsky


This story created by Dostoyevsky is a brilliantly written crime story as well as a passionate and witty philosophical debate. It speaks of the corrupt landowner who is murdered at some point, with hints that his sons, at some level, are involved in this death.



100 Years of Solitude

By: Gabriela Marquez


This book tells the story of the achievement and downfall of the mythical Macondo through the history of the Buendia family. One Hundred Years of Solitude is one of the best famous books that feature a brilliant and rich narration about life and death, as well as the tragic-comedy of humankind.



The Illiad

By: Homer

The Illiad is a known epic poem that is mainly set during the Trojan War; it tells the tales of events and battles during the week-long quarrel of Achilles and King Agamemnon. Though the book only covers weeks during the war’s final years, it mentions numerous Greek legends that relate to the siege.



Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

By: Lewis Carroll



Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is popular and among the best famous books of all time; it is about a young little girl who accidentally stumbles down into a rabbit hole which is the start of Alice’s immortal adventures.



King Lear

By: William Shakespeare


This is a tragedy story by Shakespeare that is believed to have been created around 1603 and 1606; it is also considered as one of Shakespeare’s greatest creations, as well as one of the best famous books in the world of literature. King Lear is based on the myth of Leir of Britain, a pre-Roman Celtic king.



The Trial

By: Franz Kafka


The Trial is known as one of the most vital novels created during the twentieth century: it begins with the horrifying tale of a well-known bank officer named Josef K who was suddenly arrested for a crime he did not do. Josef needs to find every way to defend himself against something that he cannot acquire information from.



The Sound and the Fury

By: William Faulkner


This one of the best famous books that are set in a fictional county called Yoknapatawpha; the story centers on a certain family who was known as former aristocrats from the south. The family deals and struggles with their rupture, as well as their reputation.



Pride and Prejudice

By: Jane Austen


A book that follows the life of Elizabeth Bennet who deals with various life matters such as marriage, upbringing, moral rightness, as well as education in an aristocratic institution.



Catcher in the Rye

By: J.D. Salinger



This is a novel written in the year 1945 and it was primarily published for adults; however, The Catcher in the Rye has eventually become a ‘regular’ element for both the curricula of high schools and colleges throughout the English-speaking world.



To the Lighthouse

By: Virgina Woolf


One of the best famous books about high modernism that focuses on the Ramsay family and their random journeys to visit the Isle of Skye; To the Lighthouse includes short dialogues with almost no actions in the text since most of this is displayed as various observations and thoughts. This amazing novel is reminiscent to the power of emotions during childhood while simultaneously highlighting the brevity of adult relationships.

Best Engineering Books

December 19th, 2016

Engineering is known as the branch of science and technology involved with the formation, building, and utilization of machinery, structures, and engines. While science is generally something that allows us to grasp a better understanding of the world, life, and the universe, engineering allows these ideas and knowledge to come to life by designing, problem-solving, and creating things.


It does not matter if you are an engineering student, professor, or someone who is simply interested in learning about this; you can search for some of the best engineering books around to satisfy your craving to learn more about the subject.


With that, here is a great selection of the best engineering books of all time:



Engineering Fundamentals

By: Saeed Moaveni


One of the best engineering books that have been designed mainly for those who are interested in studying the subject; it is also known to be a great introduction that inspires and clearly explains to readers the essential principles of engineering.



To Engineer is Human

By: Henry Petroski


This is a book where the author speaks of the various failures and successes that he had encountered; examining these and thoroughly explaining vital information that will make readers understand why such things happened. There is a large number of case studies available for everyone to further understand the progress of perfection while simultaneously tracing the link between the chaotic everyday life and the quantifiable world of science.



Engineering –A Very Short Introduction

By: David Blockley


For those who wish to learn and further understand the concept and importance of engineering, why not read one of the best engineering books created by David Blockley? Engineering – A Very Short Introduction is a quick way for you to get a better grasp on the subject despite having short or no time at all to really sit down and study through a lengthy and wordy engineering book. One great thing about this is that Engineering explores the nature and history of the subject while also providing a clear and detailed explanation for better understanding.




By: J.E. Gordon



If you are someone who has always been wondering why suspension bridges never collapse despite the lanes of continuous traffic, or how dams are able to hold back thousands of gallons of water without giving way under all that pressure, this book will quickly answer all your questions since Gordon is able to strip engineering’s most confusing and technical terms, making it easy for anyone to understand which is why Structures has become one of the best engineering books around.



The Design of Everyday Things

By: Donald A. Norman


People who create and design things that humans can use should read one of the best engineering books called The Design of Everyday Things; it is a great read with detailed information and ideas which could change the way you interact and experience your surroundings. The book will also help open your eyes to bad quality designs as well as the beauty of good designs.



Basic Machines and How They Work

Prepared By: Naval Education & Training Program


A book that is perfect for you and everyone who is interested in the study of mechanical engineering; the book also covers portions of the basic theories of simple machines.



Brave New World

By: Aldous Huxley



Among the best engineering books where the author’s ingenious ideas of the future is explained in this thoroughly descriptive novel; though it is not really a technical engineering book, Brave New World is a story set in London, 2540AD  where it anticipates various developments in engineering, sciences, as well as reproductive technology, making it one interesting read for all.



Studying Engineering

By: Raymond Landis


One of the most interesting and best engineering books available; Studying Engineering is a must-read book for anyone interested in the subject, especially for those who are planning to get a career in engineering. The book was released in 1995 but it has now become the bestselling book when it comes to the introduction to engineering.


The Art of Electronics

By: Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill


One of the highly notable and best engineering books that have been carefully revised to give a better and clearer description of references pertaining to electronic circuit designs. The book also emphasizes on various procedures utilized by professional circuit designers, featuring a mixture of basic laws and various rules of thumb.



Invention by Design

By: Henry Petroski


This is another one of the best engineering books created by Petroski; in the book, Petroski focuses more on the mystery of invention to be able to explore and learn more about what daily artifacts, as well as the complex networks, can thoroughly display and even suggest a variety of ways for engineers to solve different types of problems.



Unwritten Laws of Engineering

(Revised and Updated Edition)

By: James Skakoon

Original by W.J. King


This is an updated version of one of the best engineering books in the year 1944. A genuinely classic book that features numerous pertinent information and details about engineering which students have studied thoroughly for many years.



Introduction to Algorithms

By: Thomas H. Cormen



Introduction to Algorithms is an interesting and detailed book that covers a wide range of various algorithms in a much deeper sense while also making their analysis and design much more accessible for readers of different levels.



The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

By: Samuel C. Florman


This is one of the most interesting books about engineering that deeply and thoroughly explores the thoughts, ideas, and how engineers think. If you are also curious about what engineers think about their profession, Florman has provided a brief explanation about this, as well as some comments from engineers themselves.



101 Things I Learned in Engineering School

By: John Kuprenas and Matthew Frederick


101 Things I Learned in Engineering School is definitely a book that should be read by those who wish to study engineering as well as those who simply enjoy the information acquired from the subject. The book is filled with numerous real-world examples of the important principles of engineering, as well as various details on physics.



Remaking the World

By: Henry Petroski


Another great book by the author Henry Petroski; Remaking the World is known as one of the best engineering books that feature a collection of pleasurable and highly informative essays that explicates every engineer’s role when it comes to shaping our world in different ways.



Materials, Science, and Engineering

By: William Callister


Materials, Science, and Engineering is one of the most outstanding books today that offers full-coverage of the most pertinent elements of the sciences while also reflecting the latest and freshest developments in material science.



 The Making of an Expert Engineer

By: James Trevelyan


The Making of an Expert Engineer exhibits various principles of the engineering practice as well as the knowledge that has been acquired through decades of study and research made by the author and his engineering students.



Mechanics of Materials

By: Ferdinand P. Beer


The author clearly and carefully presents their knowledge, ideas, and information in unparalleled levels of accuracy while simultaneously paying attention to details to provide excellent texts and information – this making all their work the standard of sheer excellence. This revised version of their own book now features a much more updated photo and art program, plus other revised homework problems for further and deeper understanding of the topic.



Engineering in the Ancient World

By: John G. Landels


In this new edition of one of the best engineering books of all time, Landels reveals the numerous classic know-hows of engineering during the ancient Roman and Greek times.



Modern Control Engineering

By: Katsuhiko Ogata


This book is specifically for the senior or first-level graduates of Control Theory under the Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, and Aerospace Engineering Department. The book also features various ways on how to solve and compute all problems that have MATLAB.


Best Educational Books

December 19th, 2016

One of the things we are very passionate about is education; however, the fact that today’s formal education is a broken system based on age-old ideals still remains. Over the past years, a lot has been said and written regarding education reform and the public discussion around is nothing new. Today, there are numerous compelling books that reinvent education from the previous century.


Here are some of the best educational books that will help you gain knowledge about teaching and learning at all ages and in a lot of contexts:




The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

By: Ken Robinson


By looking at particular conditions and drawing on the stories of certain people such as Arianna Huffington, Paul McCartney, and Matt Groening, the author, in one of the best educational books, tells readers that there are no barriers in finding the Element – the point where one’s natural talent meets one’s passion.



Thinking Fast and Slow

By: Daniel Kahneman


One of the best educational books that explain the two systems that cause the way we think; it also offers practical tips and techniques on how to prevent the mental glitches that usually get us into trouble.



How Children Succeed:

Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character

By: Paul Tough


In How Children Succeed, the author shares new and surprising ways to prepare children for adulthood. Also, he shares qualities such as curiosity, optimism, perseverance, and self-control matter more to lead children to success.



Show Your Work!

By: Austin Kleon


Among the best educational books that are necessary for every bookshelf is Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! This provides ways to be brave, generous, open, and productive to get discovered.


Five Minds for the Future

By: Howard Gardner


Howard Gardner presents the “five minds” – disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind, the creating mind, the respectful mind, and the ethical mind – that we need to master since these are what the fast-paced future will demand you to succeed in life.



Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

Daniel Siegel


One of the best educational books that teach parents to make the most challenging developmental periods in their child’s life a rewarding one; from twelve to twenty-four years old, the changes that the brain undergoes may be troublesome, however, this is a highly essential period in one’s development. Through research in interpersonal neurobiology, the author shares exciting ways to understand the way a teenager’s brain functions as well as how this can bring incredibly positive results in this period of growth.



What You’re Really Meant to Do

By: Robert Steven Kaplan


One of the best educational books that can help change one’s life; in this book, Kaplan shares specific approaches on how to define your own meaning of success and how to reach your potential. The author introduces an integrated plan to identify and achieve your goals. He outlines certain ways and exercises for you to deeply understand yourself, take control of your career, and to hone your skills that fit your aspirations and your passions.



I Just Graduated … Now What?

By: Katherine Scharzenegger


This book is best for graduates which share smart advices and answers to the unanswered tough questions after receiving our diploma. Determined to help uncertain graduates, the author has embarked on a quest for a whole year to get the best advice from more than thirty people who are highly successful in the fields of business, fashion, media, philanthropy, sports, as well as technology.





By: Daniel Goleman


Focus, with advanced research and factual findings, examines the science of attention. With today’s rampant distractions, Goleman argues that we must learn to enhance our focus to survive in this generation.



How to Create a Mind

By: Ray Kurzweil


This book discusses the functions and the endless potential of reverse-engineering the brain to understand how it works and to increase its capabilities. Additionally, the author studies emotional and moral intelligence, as well as the root of consciousness while visualizing the possibilities of merging with the smart technology today.



Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking

By: Daniel C. Dennett


This is one of the best educational books which provides readers 77 ways to broaden one’s imagination and maintain one’s focus, as well as insight on the different thinking tools plus how and why these were made.



Confessions of a Scholarship Winner

By: Kristina Ellis


In this book, the author Kristina Ellis tells her inspiring story of success and shares how she was able to win scholarships in top schools and earn free money for college even with average academic remarks.



Art as Therapy

By: Alain de Botton, John Armstrong


This book answers the question “What is art for?” with one hundred and fifty samples of remarkable art, design, and architecture. Aside from these, there are also chapters on nature, love, politics, and money which show ways on how art helps with common problems such as creating good relationships, searching for happiness, and even mortality.



A New Culture of Learning:

Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change

By: Douglas Thomas & John Seely Brown


In this book, two authors Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown make readers understand how change and new waves of interest inspire and invite us to visualize a future of learning that is both positive and powerful. It is one of the appropriate and best educational books for everyone for a world characterized by constant change.


Homework for Grown-ups

By: E. Foley and B. Coates


A book that is packed with basic facts that you learned while you were in school but have forgotten as you grew up. It features lessons in English, art, geography, history, math, science, as well as home economics. This is one of the best educational books for parents to have so they can assist their children in academics when necessary.



Natural Healing Wisdom & Know-How

Useful Practices, Recipes, & Formulas for a Lifetime of Health

By: Amy Rost


Natural Healing Wisdom & Know How offers useful information on natural health practices all in one book. It includes chapters on topics based on herbal healing, homeopathy, naturopathy, energy healing, mind-body healing, and Eastern medicine, and provides a variety of methods in dealing with certain health conditions as well as how to maintain one’s health all year-round.



1001 Things Every College Student Needs To Know

By: Harry Harrison


This book provides practical college life tips that are proven useful and powerful, which range from class enrollment, study habits, and more. 1001 Things Every College Student Needs To Know is among the best educational books to have to make the most of one’s college experience.



By: Robert Greene


Being a master requires learning the secrets of your choice of field, submitting to an apprenticeship, gaining knowledge from experienced people, and surpassing your competitors. Robert Greene’s Mastery tells the secret path to being a Master, which includes studying the behavior of masters including Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo Da Vinci.



How To Write Anything

By: Laura Brown


An essential writing guide for school, work, as well as personal life; it contains over two hundred how-to’s and models which are organized and easy to understand.



It’s Complicated

By: Danah Boyd


In this book, the author reveals some of the major myths related to today’s teens who often communicate through social media. The book focuses on topics relating to identity, bullying, danger, privacy, as well as safety.

Best EBooks

December 19th, 2016

EBooks or Electronic Books have become popular when smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become all the rage in this technologically advanced society; and generally, these are book publications that have been created in a digital form. These EBooks consist of texts, images, and sometimes both of these while being readable on the displays of computers, tablets, or other popular electronic devices.


Most of the time, EBooks are called the electronic version of an already printed book; however, there are a few EBooks that exist without really having any printed version. With that, here is a list of some of the best EBooks that a lot of people enjoy reading on their devices.



1. Inferno

By: Dan Brown



This has definitely become one of the popular and best EBooks available; Inferno is a story by Dan Brown where the story begins right in the heart of Italy where a professor named Robert Langdon gets captivated by a frightening world that focuses on one of the most mysterious and enduring masterpieces in literary history – Dante’s Inferno. Against the backdrop, the professor battles a threatening adversary while grappling with a brilliant riddle that draws him further into the landscape of secret passageways, classic art, and a futuristic science.



2. And the Mountains Echoed

By: Khaled Hosseini


This popular novel is one of the best EBooks around since it is a tale that does not only focus on children and their parents, but it also focuses on sisters, brothers, cousins, and even the caretakers in the story. The author explores the different ways families nurture, connect, communicate, betray, wound, and even sacrifice for each other.



3. The Hit

By: David Baldacci


This is one of the best EBooks due to its interesting and thrilling story; Will Robie is known as a master killer which makes him one of the highly skilled assassins around. The U.S. Government needs this man since he is the person whom they call for eliminating tasks – definitely a hitman who cannot be matched. Yet there is an exception to this since Jessica Reel, a fellow assassin, is part of the group and is just as equally professional, skilled, and just as dangerous as Robie. However, she’s gone rogue and attacks other members of their agency. Will Robie be able to stop her from causing more harm?



4. Don’t Say a Word

By: Barbara Freethy


As she prepares for her wedding day, Julia DeMarco accidentally finds a popular picture of a girl standing right in front of a Russian orphanage and strangely, the little girl looks exactly like her. After this incident, all the people that she loved, cared for and trusted were suddenly filled with suspicion. Don’t Say a Word is an interestingly mysterious novel which makes it one of the best EBooks available.



5. 12th of Never

By: James Petterson


Detective Lindsay Boxer is finally going to bear a child – at the same time, two killers are free and on the loose. After her child is born, Boxer needs to leave for work to face the biggest and most dangerous case – a rising football star player who is named as the main suspect for a horrifying murder. Yet at the same time, another strange story baffles Boxer since a professor claims to have vivid nightmares all about violent murders that are real. Will Boxer be able to stop such horrifying deaths from happening? Will she be able to capture the killer, and worst, will she be able to face the most disastrous loss of her entire life?



6. Whiskey Beach

By: Nora Roberts


After suffering a whole year of public investigations due to being accused of murder, Eli Landon finally finds sanctuary and comfort right at the Bluff House, despite the absence of his beloved grandmother from the place. Eli eventually meets Abra, a woman of many talents, who helps Eli control and better his life while also clearing his name. They eventually get entangled in each other yet find themselves trapped in a net that goes all the way back to the past – a past that has a man intent on completely destroying Eli. It’s interesting and unique story makes this one of the best EBooks that people read today.



7. The Bet

By: Rachel Van Dyken


Kacey was faced with a proposition left by Jake Titus, a millionaire living in Seattle. She should have run when those words escaped his lips yet it had been years since she’s seen this childhood friend of hers so she didn’t. After letting Jake speak, Kacey then learns that his dear grandmother has fallen ill and she is ready to do everything just for the sweet lady – even if it means pretending to be engaged with Jake just for the sake of the old lady.



8. The Sisterhood

By: Helen Bryan


The Sisterhood is considered as one of the best EBooks around; dizzy and confused after a broken engagement, the adopted Menina Walker escapes to Spain to completely bury and forget her misery by completing her overdue thesis, where she eventually finds herself unexpectedly journeying into history. Her subject for the thesis is Tristan Mendoza, a strange 16th-century artist with a signature that includes a little swallow – one that is exactly depicted on a medal owned by Menina, which is the only link that connects her with her birth family.



9. French Silk

By: Sandra Brown


French Silk is part of the list of the best EBooks today since the story begins with the vibrant Claire Laurent – a beautiful lady laced with charm and a hint of mystery. She is also the founder of a fabulously posh lingerie company and has worked hard just to turn this business into a worldwide success. However, a TV evangelist criticizes her company’s erotic lingerie, calling it sinful etc. and when he gets killed all so suddenly, Claire becomes the main suspect of this.



10. The Silver Linings Playbook

By: Matthew Quick



A man named Pat has a unique theory – he believes that his life is one of the best movies that is produced by God himself and was also given a mission that he must achieve. Pat believed that his mission was to become emotionally literate and physically fit so God will provide him with a happy ending which is the return of Nikki, Pat’s estranged wife. What makes this one of the best EBooks today is the fact that Pat’s story is interesting, and what makes it even more interesting is the fact that he has already spent quite some time in a mental health facility.



11. Truly Madly Deeply

By: Caryl Phillips


This has become a favorite and also one of the best EBooks since Truly Madly Deeply is a collection of three complete novels that has been created by the Caryl Phillips – a great bestselling author according to New York Times.



12. Gone Girl

By: Gillian Flynn



The story begins with Nick and Amy’s wedding anniversary so a lot of gifts are being wrapped and reservations are being made for their celebration; however, Amy suddenly disappears in the midst of their preparation. Eventually, they get their hands on Amy’s diary which reveals passages that can put anyone on the dangerous edge. Nick then is strangely evasive about the whole thing and is obviously bitter about the situation – but is he really the killer or not?



13. Dead Ever After

By: Charlaine Harris


This is considered as one of the best EBooks today since it tells the story of Sookie, a woman who finds it extremely easy to just turn down the barmaid’s request of getting back on the job at Merlotte’s. At some point, a murder occurs and Sookie is arrested for this, but since the evidence was weak against her, she was able to bail. Will she find out the truth to all this? Will she be able to gain justice without spilling blood?



14. Ender’s Game

By: Orson Scott Card



Ender’s Game is one of the popular and best EBooks today due to its affecting story that is filled with inevitable surprises as you read further into the story. Andrew thinks he’s just playing a simulated war game but in reality, he is engaged in a far more desperate game in life.



15. Wool Omnibus

By: Hugh Howey


This is a book that tells the story of mankind grasping for survival since the world has grown harsh and speaking of it is considered a sin. However, there are those individuals who still continue to hope and dream – these are the dangerous residents who infect others with their aspects of optimism. If caught, they will be punished in a way that they dream of dearly: being sent outside.



16. The Great Gatsby

By: F. Scott Fitzgerald



This is a story narrated by Nick Carraway – a man who was once the neighbor of Gatsby – and it begins when Nick had just freshly moved from the Midwest, all the way to West Egg, seeking his fortune and luck as a bond salesman.



17. Breath of Scandal

By: Sandra Brown


Breath of Scandal is one of the popular and best EBooks today; the story is about Jade Sperry who had to endure a terrifying nightmare that any woman could experience. She was at the mercy of local hell-raisers who stole her youthful ideas. She was eventually able to run as fast and far as she could but could never forget that sleepy town where every single individual was dependent on a specific wealthy family.



18. Deception Point

By: Dan Brown


The story is all about a meteorite that was discovered right in the Arctic Circle – an area that can possibly provide clear proof about extraterrestrial life. However, the antagonist of the story does everything to prevent such evidence from going public, and they would go through all means just to achieve this.



19. Silken Prey

By: John Sanford


Davenport thoroughly investigates the issue after an influential government official was caught with something extremely horrible in his office computer, and the investigation trail leads to a specific fixer who has suddenly disappeared from the scene.



20. Divergent

By: Veronica Roth


In this dystopian world, society is separated into different factions where each division is dedicated to the development of specific virtues: Erudite for the intelligent, Amity the peaceful, Candor the honest, and Abnegation the selfless.