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April 22nd, 2015

It is very important to acquire online reviews for your online business. There are a number of top review sites where you can get reviews about your online business. Every industry has some top sites.  Websites that provide reviews on your products may be different. Thus, it is necessary to find the top review sites that give reviews about your business. But, some websites are not too specific and they provide reviews that are applicable to any business.  You may have heard of a few review sites. If you want to enhance your online business quickly, you need to check out reviews about your products on some sites.


Are you looking for effective reviews before buying online products or services like weight loss products, financial help, to know about healthy beauty, to get information on love and relationship or anything related to your career? This website is a house of information where you can get every kind of help.


Interesting products and articles will help you to solve your problem at once. Visit here to get specific information on any topic. It will help you to live healthy and stress free life. Free tips are given by experts that may help you to live happily.

Angie’s List

It is mainly made for service based business websites. If you want to get the services of this website to get reviews, you have to pay for a membership fee. You will get quality services by paying a membership fee on this website. The reviews given on A-F scale are well thought.  The reviews are not fake and you can get real reviews from the real customers. Reviews on this website are not sent by anonymous people. You can set up an account here and ask your customers to leave their reviews. Only members are allowed to leave their reviews on this website.



It is a free review site that helps people to get their business reviewed. Any person who has an online business website can set up a free account on this review site. You can also respond back to the reviewers easily. You should have a balanced approach when replying back to the reviewers.

This review site has additionally experienced harsh criticism in the course of recent years for somewhat shady practices, such as incentivizing organizations to promote with them in return for gaming the indexed lists for their business. That being said, it’s still to your advantage to get a steady stream of positive online surveys going to your business. Yelp profile data contains things like store hours and area data, so your profile will regularly turn up when individuals Google your business.

Google Reviews/Local/Places/+

People know it as Google reviews. You can search for your business on the Google to get Google reviews. If your business website also has a page on Google+ locale, any person can leave a review for your products. You can also click on the local tab of the Google+ page to get more reviews about your business.


Yahoo! Local Listings

Yahoo local reviews also help people to post their reviews for different websites and products. So, you can also view reviews on yahoo, to get an insight about your website or products.

Insider Pages

It is another local user generated review site. It can help anyone to share reviews about local products for free. It is a free website and a large number of viewers post their reviews on this website.



It is similar to insider pages. It is also a free local review site. When you search on this site, you can find reviews from the local people. It helps you to compare your products with the competitors and to make suitable arrangements to improve your products to get better reviews next time.

Consumer Search

This website also gives reviews about different products with 5 star rating scales. This website collects reviews and ranks the different websites. People get a lot of help from these reviews as they can search for the specific products.  It is very helpful for the reviewers to get proper information about the different products through this website.

Some websites are above average review sites because of their name. The two main sites include consumer reports and Better Business bureau.


Consumer report

It is an independent website that does independent testing of the product and the websites. They recommend products on the basis of their independent research and this website does not give biased reviews.  This website has around seven million subscribers. If you are also selling a product, it should stand out amongst your competitors in quality and services. You can use the information provided in this website to create a brand for your product. They review each product and provide review criteria, overview of the products and a buying guide for the people. You have to focus on creating unique content to make your product popular in the market.

Better Business Bureau

It is also a nonprofit website that rates all types of websites and their products. They rate the websites on the basis of their services.  They do not recommend any product to the public but helps people to give all the information about different kinds of products and business. They provide the information about the different websites that fulfill the accreditation standards of the BBB.

Websites that provide online reviews are not just meant for a single favor. Many business websites enhance their social presence to get online reviews. There are some other websites that can be used to get online reviews. These websites are excellent because a large number of people can reach these websites easily.


You can get reviews of the people about your business and products on the face book. There is a column on the face book where you can get reviews and it is called as face book recommendations.  It is a social media website where you are regularly getting comments from the people about your business or products. There are some people who even posts about your content.


This website also has a recommendation feature and it also helps people to leave a recommendation for the other people. This is an excellent way for doing personal marketing of your business or product. You can easily get reviews about your services and products but you can also get comments about your content.


You can also get reviews on the twitter. Anyone who tweets about your services or products can come up as SERPs when anyone is looking for reviews of your products.

The best place to get reviews is your own website. You can publicize the reviews that you receive on your website to promote your business. You can also make a separate tab on your website that is particularly dedicated to the reviews and testimonials.