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Best Adventure Books

December 19th, 2016

If it were possible, everyone would definitely want to go on great adventures where we can see beautiful sights and sounds in different places; however, this really is not possible because of various elements but at least we can read about them in some of the best adventure books available.


To give you an idea of what these books are, here is a list of the best adventure books of all time:



By: Alfred Lansing


Right in the beginning of the twentieth century, reaching the remote areas of the world was considered an almost unimaginable adventure which is why Ernest Shackleton’s travels to places such as Antarctica were considered as being on another level. This has become one of the best adventure books due to the detailed interviews that Lansing acquired with the last few remaining members of the expedition, as well as diaries that had never been seen by the public.


The Odyssey

By: Homer


The Odyssey is not really a novel but it is more of an epic poem that strikes its readers in the most fitting ways. Odysseus is an archetype of any adventurer and it is also the sequel to Illiad; moreover, it mainly focuses on Odysseus and his journey all the way back home after the battle and fall of Troy.


The Sea Runners

By: Ivan Doig


Among the best adventure books of today is The Sea Runners by Ivan Doig; the story will leave readers wondering if they would prefer to have the character trapped forever in a frozen hell, or would they prefer to escape and face the harsh conditions right in the Pacific Northwest? These are the questions that the characters of the story had to ask themselves – what will they do and choose in such a situation?


Gulliver’s Travels

By: Jonathan Swift

Listed as one of the best adventure books of all times is Gulliver’s Travels which is known as an adventure novel as a social satire. The author makes use of conventions and tropes of the contemporary travel narrative to ridicule politics, religion, human nature, and science. Generally, Gulliver’s Travels all begins with optimism that eventually leads to embittered misanthropy.


Into the Heart of Borneo

By: Redmond O’Hanlon


One of the best adventure books that is fun and thrilling all at the same time; this is a story where two individuals set on a journey that is supposedly fun, yet they face a few challenges on the way: venomous snakes, extremely huge worms, as well as a terrible disease. Will they be able to explore the area safely?


Pass the Butterworms

By: Tim Cahill


The story is set in Mongolia where Cahill spends weeks alongside the scion of the Genghis Kahn where he masters the interesting Mongolian Death Trot. Cahill enjoys a few natural pleasures such as going in for a 36-degree water dip in the North Pole, and even spending a relaxing evening with some of the members of the last head-hunting tribes in Irian Jaya New Guinea.


Alone on the Ice

By: David Roberts


There is a plethora of great stories available that focuses on the tragedies and triumphs of people who traveled during the Golden Age of Antarctic exploration; however one of the best adventure books created by David Roberts is an amazing survival story about the head of the Antarctic Exploration, Douglas Mawson. He spent a whole month wandering the intense cold while searching for his base after his dogs abandoned him.


Moby Dick

By: Herman Melville

One of the very interesting and even the best adventure books of all time is Moby Dick; it is about a bizarre yet fascinating madman who is aiming for an unholy war against a mysteriously magnificent creature that is both vast and dangerous just like the sea.



By: James Dickey


An amazing book that has spawned its own film: Deliverance is about a group of friends going on a weekend adventure, but everything suddenly goes wrong. The movie is amazing but the book is even better which makes it part of the list of the best adventure books.


Treasure Island

By: Robert Louis Stevenson


Treasure Island is an excellent read that tells of the adventure and tales of buccaneers, treasures, and of course, buried gold.



A Voyage for Madmen

By: Peter Nichols


A lot of people dream of sailing and traveling around the world, yet traveling the distance alone could be quite nerve-wracking and insane. In the year 1968, a group of men simply laughed at this silly logic and they all decided to sail out, alone, for continuous journeys around the world. Will they survive the journey, or will they end up going insane?


King Solomon’s Mines

By: H. Rider Haggard

Though a wonderfully strange story, it is still among the best adventure books of all time; the story begins when a small group of Englishmen head out and journey to search for the legendary mines. They make use of an ancient map that is drawn in blood to be able to reach their destination. Yet during their journey, the men come across a lost and mysterious kingdom then ends up taking part in an extraordinary and brief yet bloody civil war; moreover, they also discover a large number of untold riches that were kept hidden in a secret cage.


A Time of Gifts

By: Patrick Leigh Fermor


This is a travel and adventure book created by Patrick Leigh Fermor and was published when he was sixty-two years old. The book is a memoir of Fermor’s travel on foot all across Europe.


The Mountain – My Time on Mount Everest

By: Ed Viesturs


A bestseller and also one of the best adventure books around; Viesturs is the first and only American to have successfully climbed the world’s highest peaks and he opens up about his adventures on the treasure of all mountains, Mount Everest.


Heart of Darkness

By: Joseph Conrad


A novella created by Joseph Conrad as he writes about a journey all the way up to the Congo River to visit its Congo Free State – right in the heart of Africa. It has become one of the best adventure books of all time because of its excellent mixture of psychological penetration, character development, and of course, adventure.


The Call of the Wild

By: Jack London

A great story that focuses on the more conventional type of narrative; this is a story of a domesticated dog named Buck and his short adventure in Yukon, Canada. During the 1890’s, strong and energetic sled dogs were high in demand, and readers will be able to learn more about them while also learning about the adventures of Buck.


The Road

By: Cormac McCarthy


A great novel created by Cormac McCarthy and is known as a post-apocalyptic story about the travel adventures of a father and son. They go and explore the vast landscape for a few months and stumble across a place that has been attacked by an unknown disaster that has destroyed almost all of civilization.


The Sheltering Sky

By: Paul Bowles


The Sheltering Sky is one of the best adventure books that talks about the charming and irresistible lure of the exotic yet unpleasant realities which various ideas and thoughts of things exotic can easily conceal.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

By: Mark Twain


This adventure story begins with the Mississippi’s shores which have become occupied by numerous slave traders, child murders, as well as con men and child murderers. This definitely is a precarious and hazardous environment that clearly represents the peace and safety for both Huck and Jim.


Into Thin Air

By: Jon Krakauer


The book is a personal account of the terrifying Mount Everest disaster; with its clearly detailed and thrilling texts describing the whole situation, Into Thin Air became the bestselling book created by Jon Krakauer.