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Best Baby Books

December 19th, 2016

We all know how vital it is to have good books at home and reading these to younger children is a great way to familiarize themselves with various words and sounds while also allowing them to learn a variety of things. Books widen our imagination and it is also one of the best ways to gain a lot of information so fill your baby’s little library with a variety of their favorite first books.


It doesn’t matter if your little ones are too young to read, the fact that you can read for them while showing your little ones beautiful illustrations will definitely give them joy and delight; but how exactly would you know which titles are great for your little ones?  Here is a list of the best baby books of all time that your children will surely love and enjoy.



Goodnight Moon

By: Margaret Wise Brown

This is among the best baby books that are great for infants to preschoolers since it features a cute short poem with illustrations of a young rabbit that is attempting to avoid bedtime by saying good night to everything in his room. Yet at some point, the little rabbit finally falls asleep and readers can be the ones to say good night to the little rabbit in bed.




By: Don Freeman


A funny yet timeless story about a slightly shabby bear that is searching for a home and a button for his clothes; the bear eventually finds what he is searching for as well as a girl who does her best to buy him a friend in their local department store.



The Rainbow Fish

By: Marcus Pfister


A magnificent fish living in the deep blue ocean has beautiful scales that show off different colors; all other fish wanted to be so much like him and they asked for a scale from him. He refused to do so which lost him friends but the wise octopus tells him to be generous with what he has and eventually, the fish discovers that sharing makes him much happier and it makes others happy too.



Guess How Much I Love You

By: Sam McBratney


Big and Little Nutbrown Hare are featured in one of the best baby books of all time; it is perfect for both little boys and dads since these two cute little hare’s are father and son. The two continue to challenge each other as to how much one loves the other, and both use cute and catchy phrases such as “I love you down the lane and as far as the river.” Their phrases are matched with cute pictures in pen-and-wash materials soft shades and a faded effect. This is oen of the best book to read before bedtime or whenever you and your children want to enjoy cuddling and feeling cozy.



Peek-A Who?

By: Nina Laden


One of the cutest and best baby books that come in the form of a board book that can easily be held by the little ones; Peek-A-Who features a simple yet cute design that instantly catches the eyes of its readers Each of the pages that have illustrated designed feature a die-cut hole that has a little surprise for the children. They will get to discover farm animals to ghosts, and they can even find themselves with this peek-a-boo type of fun.



The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

This is one of the best baby books that feature great mixed-media collages that are simple but memorable; this book shows the development and growth of a newly born caterpillar and his journey through multiple yummy snacks, until he reaches his transformation into a beautiful butterfly. Children will enjoy poking at the holes that the caterpillar makes while he continues to munch throughout the story.




Click, Clack, Moo

By: Doreen Cronin

This is another one of the best baby books around; one day, farmer Brown has no idea why he suddenly ends up hearing a lot of mooing and clicking in his barn; when he inspects, the farmer finds out that his farm animals have gotten their hooves on some old typewriter. What is more surprising is when he starts receiving letters from them. Children will definitely enjoy seeing what the animals will have to say, as well as what happens after they type the letters.



Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

By: Bill Martin, Jr.


This bold and beautifully illustrated classic picture book is pleasing to the eyes and is easy to read with its great rhymes. It has a question-and-answer format that allows the young ones to participate in reading the book.



Love You Forever

By: Robert Munsch


This is a book about a mother and what she tells her child every night; the mother ensures that her child knows that she loves him and that she will love him forever. It is one of the popular and best baby books that feature a sweet and loving story that everyone will definitely remember.




By: Bruce Degen


Jamberry is about a bear and a little boy who go on a little journey into the amazing world of berries. Here, they pick all sorts of juicy berries and set them in their hats. Children can learn how to count along the way while also learning about different kinds of berries.



Giraffes Can’t Dance

By: Giles Andreae

Gerald is a giraffe who only wishes to be able to dance despite looking awkward while doing this. His friends say that he cannot join their Jungle Dance but he eventually learns that he can still do what he loves despite being different, so he joins the dance and enjoys!




By: Olivier Dunrea


Gossie is a yellow gosling that adores her red boots; she wears them every day until one day, the boots disappear. Gossie looks all over the place until she eventually finds the pair on the feet of another gosling that is smaller than her.



In the Tall, Tall Grass

By Denise Fleming


This is another one of the best baby books that feature bright and vibrant illustrations of instects and animals that can be found in a child’s backyard. These are seen from the point-of-view of a caterpillar and little children will surely enjoy searching for the orange and yellow caterpillars on each of the pages while also listening to the rhyming text available.



Good Night, Gorilla

By Peggy Rathmann


This clever nighttime story is all about a mischievous and naughty gorilla who snatches a the keys of the zookeeper to release all of his friends; they all head to the zookeeper’s house to secretly spend the night there.



Kitten’s First Full Moon

By: Kevin Henkes

Another great read that is part of the list of the best baby books of all time; this is a cute little story that features a tiny kitten who has seen her very first moon; however, since the moon is so round and big, she believes that it is a huge bowl of milk up in the sky. She attempts to reach for the milk but ends up tumbling down or even jumping as high as she can just to reach the moon.



Are You My Mother?

By: P.D. Eastman


This classic tale talks about a tiny baby bird who goes off on an adventure to search for his mom after he falls from his nest. On the way, he asks a kitten, hen, dog, cow, and even an airplane if they are his mother. Eventually, he ends up getting reunited with his mother as he is brought back to his nest.



The Snowy Day

By Ezra Jack Keats


The Snowy Day is part of the list of the best baby books of all time since it tells of the delights and wonder a child can experience when snow blankets the world before them. Children can go and create snowballs, snowmen, snow angels, and a lot more fun things.



Once Upon a Potty

By: Alona Frankel


This book was generally created to help the author’s own son to learn how to use a potty but parents all over the world make great use of the book to help their little ones when going to the bathroom. The book features simple and appealing illustrations together with straightforward texts that can be read by the parents to their little ones.



Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?

By: Karen Katz


This book will allow parents and their children to play peek-a-boo with this special lift-the-flap book. Here, children and parents will be able to see where the author’s kids are hiding things; also, each of the vibrantly colored pages make for a really appealing book, plus, children will get the chance to learn how to search for things on their own.



Time to Get Dressed!

By Elivia Savadier


In this book, little Solomon wants to dress himself but ends up putting on the wrong things; however, his father eventually helps since he notices the time Solomon has spent on dressing himself. Everyone will be able to relate to the independence of this toddler who often shouts “ME!” with every item of clothing.