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Best Biography Books

December 19th, 2016

A biography is a broad picture of either a life or a career and it covers a wide area of materials that an author should quickly manipulate, making it easy for others to understand within the context of the life of an individual. However, powerful biographies always have morals and it always educates us to be either just like the subject or nothing like the subject.


With that, here is a list of some of the best biography books of all time:


Fortunes of Francis Barber

By: Michael Bundock


This is one of the best biography books of all times that shares the story of an interestingly unique relationship between England’s most outstanding man of letters and a former slave. This fascinating book documents the journey of a young boy who has gone through the horrors of Jamaican slavery. He eventually reached the center of London’s literary magic and builds an unlikely friendship that completely changed his life.




Life of Samuel Johnson

By: James Boswell


The Life of Samuel Johnson, a book that was generally considered as one of the best biography books of all time, was created by James Boswell with great efforts to portray Johnson just like he really was – exhibiting his genius, flaws, and it was the idea of Boswell to display Samuel Johnson mainly by quoting all of his writings, as well as his personal tale.



Wild Swans

By: Jung Chang


Wild Swans is among the few best biography books of all time that follows the lives of the Chang family all throughout the chaos during twentieth-century China. Wild Swans is a personal account that thoroughly features the lives and also the experiences of regular Chinese individuals during extraordinary and even unique times.



Eminent Victorians

By: Lytton Strachey


One of the best biography books that was written during the Great War; Eminent Victorians is a witty and developing group biography of important Victorians which was the very first to erase the common image of morality and thought during that era.




By: Julia Blackburn


John Craske is known as a Norfolk fisherman who eventually begun creating paintings that displayed boats and the sea; however, when he had gotten too ill to stand and actually paint, Craske focused on embroidery instead. This is known to be one of the best biography books of all time since it is also a gentle and relaxing meditation on fame and art.




John Aubrey

By: Ruth Scurr


John Aubrey is known as the father of English biography and his story has been brought to life through one of the best biography books of all time. Aubrey even characterized his own story as being remarkable in an astrological way.



Bonhoeffer – Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

By: Eric Metaxas


This is a story of one anti-Nazi and German pastor who both got involved in a plan to kill Hitler which is definitely something already interesting, making it among the best biography books of all time. However, Metaxas extends the whole story by thoroughly exhibiting Hitler’s history, as well as his rise to power – resulting in an excellent narrative that is devotional and informative.



John Adams

By David McCullough


In this powerfully epic biography, the adventurous journey of a man named John Adams unfolds as he spares nothing in his enthusiasm towards the American Revolution. He came to rise and eventually became the second President of the USA who also saved the whole country from falling into unnecessary clash and war.



Alexander Hamilton

By: Ron Chernow


In one of the best biography books of all time, readers will get the chance to see the fascinating life of Alexander Hamilton – a self-taught, illegitimate orphan that came from the Caribbean. Hamilton was able to overcome all the odds that he had to face just to become the first treasury secretary and aide-de-camp of George Washington.




Princess: The True Story of Life Behind the Veil

By: Jean Sasson


This is one of the best biography books of all time that tells the real life story of a Saudi Arabian Princess; the whole story was narrated by a member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia where they described the life of the princess as filled with oppression and violation to their human rights.



Knight’s Cross – A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

By: David Fraser


The story is about an outstanding Field Marshal named Erwin Rommel who served during WWII; he was a man respected by all and even admired by his opponents due to his success when it came to him carrying out all of his duties, most with excellent outcome.



Peter the Great: His Life and World

By: Robert K. Massie


This is where the story of Peter the Great unfolds during the seventeenth and eighteenth-century in Russia and Europe; also, he was already crowned as co-tsar right at the age of ten. The book speaks all about this iconic figure’s life which clearly makes it one of the best biography books of all time.




The Life of Charlotte Brontë

By: Elizabeth Gaskell


The Life of Charlotte Brontë mainly a historical biography that talks of this great Victorian novelist. Gaskell is a close friend of Bronte and she was able to clearly share as well as honor her dear friend. Gaskell spoke to other people who deeply knew Charlotte, gathering all pertinent details to be able to recreate her background and eventually creating one of the best biography books of all time.



Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

By: Walter Isaacson


This biography is taken from a plethora of interviews with Steve Jobs, his family, friends, competitors, adversaries, and colleagues that were all put together to be able to create the best biography books of all time. Isaacson narrates the story of Jobs’ rollercoaster life where his creativity, effectiveness, perfection, as well as his incredible drive that revolutionized top industries.



Napoleon: A Life

By: Paul Johnson


One of the best biography books that is entertaining and has an easy to read story; it talks about one of the most prominent figures in Europe’s modern history, Napoleon Bonaparte.



Anthony Blunt – His Lives

By: Miranda Carter


Anthony Blunt is known as the Queen’s Surveyor of Pictures, as well as the Director of Courtauld Institute; yet despite assuring that he could keep his position, his reputation was eventually left in tatters after he was exposed in the year 1979.



Eisenhower in War and Peace

By: Jean Edward Smith


Eisenhower in War and Peace Smith is known as one of the best biography books that have been created. The story goes through a large number of earlier anecdotes, appraisals, as well as historical documents that have been incorporated into a finely written and thorough analysis of Eisenhower.



Churchill: The Power of Words

By: Martin Gilbert


Winston Churchill easily understood and was able to control the power of words all throughout his time. His writings about wartime, as well as his speeches displayed his vision for the future that clearly fascinated generations because of his powerfully excellent style and reflection.




The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

By: Edmund Morris


Edmund Morris’ The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt is known as one of the best biography books of all time; it talks about the life story of Theodore Roosevelt who became the youngest President in history.



Edison – A Biography

By: Matthew Josephson


This classic standard biography of Thomas Edison depicts him as a significant figure in the success of America’s economic and industrial revolution as well as him as a human being with his exploitative and crude traits. This book has been the only recommended one by the official voice of the caretakers from the Edison Laboratory National Monument which contains all of Edison’s original records, correspondence, notes, sketches, and memorandum.