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Best Engineering Books

December 19th, 2016

Engineering is known as the branch of science and technology involved with the formation, building, and utilization of machinery, structures, and engines. While science is generally something that allows us to grasp a better understanding of the world, life, and the universe, engineering allows these ideas and knowledge to come to life by designing, problem-solving, and creating things.


It does not matter if you are an engineering student, professor, or someone who is simply interested in learning about this; you can search for some of the best engineering books around to satisfy your craving to learn more about the subject.


With that, here is a great selection of the best engineering books of all time:



Engineering Fundamentals

By: Saeed Moaveni


One of the best engineering books that have been designed mainly for those who are interested in studying the subject; it is also known to be a great introduction that inspires and clearly explains to readers the essential principles of engineering.



To Engineer is Human

By: Henry Petroski


This is a book where the author speaks of the various failures and successes that he had encountered; examining these and thoroughly explaining vital information that will make readers understand why such things happened. There is a large number of case studies available for everyone to further understand the progress of perfection while simultaneously tracing the link between the chaotic everyday life and the quantifiable world of science.



Engineering –A Very Short Introduction

By: David Blockley


For those who wish to learn and further understand the concept and importance of engineering, why not read one of the best engineering books created by David Blockley? Engineering – A Very Short Introduction is a quick way for you to get a better grasp on the subject despite having short or no time at all to really sit down and study through a lengthy and wordy engineering book. One great thing about this is that Engineering explores the nature and history of the subject while also providing a clear and detailed explanation for better understanding.




By: J.E. Gordon



If you are someone who has always been wondering why suspension bridges never collapse despite the lanes of continuous traffic, or how dams are able to hold back thousands of gallons of water without giving way under all that pressure, this book will quickly answer all your questions since Gordon is able to strip engineering’s most confusing and technical terms, making it easy for anyone to understand which is why Structures has become one of the best engineering books around.



The Design of Everyday Things

By: Donald A. Norman


People who create and design things that humans can use should read one of the best engineering books called The Design of Everyday Things; it is a great read with detailed information and ideas which could change the way you interact and experience your surroundings. The book will also help open your eyes to bad quality designs as well as the beauty of good designs.



Basic Machines and How They Work

Prepared By: Naval Education & Training Program


A book that is perfect for you and everyone who is interested in the study of mechanical engineering; the book also covers portions of the basic theories of simple machines.



Brave New World

By: Aldous Huxley



Among the best engineering books where the author’s ingenious ideas of the future is explained in this thoroughly descriptive novel; though it is not really a technical engineering book, Brave New World is a story set in London, 2540AD  where it anticipates various developments in engineering, sciences, as well as reproductive technology, making it one interesting read for all.



Studying Engineering

By: Raymond Landis


One of the most interesting and best engineering books available; Studying Engineering is a must-read book for anyone interested in the subject, especially for those who are planning to get a career in engineering. The book was released in 1995 but it has now become the bestselling book when it comes to the introduction to engineering.


The Art of Electronics

By: Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill


One of the highly notable and best engineering books that have been carefully revised to give a better and clearer description of references pertaining to electronic circuit designs. The book also emphasizes on various procedures utilized by professional circuit designers, featuring a mixture of basic laws and various rules of thumb.



Invention by Design

By: Henry Petroski


This is another one of the best engineering books created by Petroski; in the book, Petroski focuses more on the mystery of invention to be able to explore and learn more about what daily artifacts, as well as the complex networks, can thoroughly display and even suggest a variety of ways for engineers to solve different types of problems.



Unwritten Laws of Engineering

(Revised and Updated Edition)

By: James Skakoon

Original by W.J. King


This is an updated version of one of the best engineering books in the year 1944. A genuinely classic book that features numerous pertinent information and details about engineering which students have studied thoroughly for many years.



Introduction to Algorithms

By: Thomas H. Cormen



Introduction to Algorithms is an interesting and detailed book that covers a wide range of various algorithms in a much deeper sense while also making their analysis and design much more accessible for readers of different levels.



The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

By: Samuel C. Florman


This is one of the most interesting books about engineering that deeply and thoroughly explores the thoughts, ideas, and how engineers think. If you are also curious about what engineers think about their profession, Florman has provided a brief explanation about this, as well as some comments from engineers themselves.



101 Things I Learned in Engineering School

By: John Kuprenas and Matthew Frederick


101 Things I Learned in Engineering School is definitely a book that should be read by those who wish to study engineering as well as those who simply enjoy the information acquired from the subject. The book is filled with numerous real-world examples of the important principles of engineering, as well as various details on physics.



Remaking the World

By: Henry Petroski


Another great book by the author Henry Petroski; Remaking the World is known as one of the best engineering books that feature a collection of pleasurable and highly informative essays that explicates every engineer’s role when it comes to shaping our world in different ways.



Materials, Science, and Engineering

By: William Callister


Materials, Science, and Engineering is one of the most outstanding books today that offers full-coverage of the most pertinent elements of the sciences while also reflecting the latest and freshest developments in material science.



 The Making of an Expert Engineer

By: James Trevelyan


The Making of an Expert Engineer exhibits various principles of the engineering practice as well as the knowledge that has been acquired through decades of study and research made by the author and his engineering students.



Mechanics of Materials

By: Ferdinand P. Beer


The author clearly and carefully presents their knowledge, ideas, and information in unparalleled levels of accuracy while simultaneously paying attention to details to provide excellent texts and information – this making all their work the standard of sheer excellence. This revised version of their own book now features a much more updated photo and art program, plus other revised homework problems for further and deeper understanding of the topic.



Engineering in the Ancient World

By: John G. Landels


In this new edition of one of the best engineering books of all time, Landels reveals the numerous classic know-hows of engineering during the ancient Roman and Greek times.



Modern Control Engineering

By: Katsuhiko Ogata


This book is specifically for the senior or first-level graduates of Control Theory under the Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, and Aerospace Engineering Department. The book also features various ways on how to solve and compute all problems that have MATLAB.