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Best Horror Books

December 19th, 2016

It may not be Halloween but the genre of horror will always be in season; although it is also a genre that most readers usually ignore or write off, every great horror novelist will best inform you of the most horrifying scenes that are kept deep in one’s mind.


Here are some of the best horror books of all time that will definitely bring a chill down your spine:



1. The Amityville Horror

By: Jay Anson


This is one of the best horror books of all time that follows the story of a family who purchased a huge house at a very low cost; however, there is a catch. This beautiful home that they purchased was the scene of numerous horrible crimes, thus a lot of unknown and mysterious activities have been occurring since the family moved in.



2. Books of Blood

By: Clive Barker


This is a book that features a collection of different short horror stories; a lot of the featured stories in the Books of Blood have been adapted into films that vary in quality and these are movies like Candyman, Rawhead, The Midnight Meat Train, and more.



3. Dracula

By: Bram Stoker



This is one of the most popular, classic, and best horror books of all time; Dracula is a gothic horror story created by Bram Stoker and it tells the story of Dracula’s efforts to move all the way to England to search for new blood and spread the curse of the dead. He also aims to win the battle against a group of individuals that is led by the man named Abraham Van Helsing.



4. Carrion Comfort

By: Dan Simmons


One of the best horror books from Dan Simmons is his Carrion Comfort which is set during the 40’s; it talks about three age-old mind vampires who do not just possess a person, but they make use of an individual’s mind to feed and satiate their hunger.



5. Ghost Story

By: Peter Straub


Ghost Story is one of the popular and best horror books of all time that is shared through the point of view of four old men. They gather and kill time by sharing various ghost stories focusing on paranormal revenge.



6. The Turn of the Screw

By: Henry James


The book is about a young woman who works as a governess for two strangely stunning, silent, and distant children named Flora and Miles who live in an estate that is haunted by an alarming evil. Eerie figures that stare from darkened towers and those standing behind dusty old windows, the governess realize that these fiendish beings want the children – seeking to possess their minds, tarnish their bodies, and own their souls as well.



7. Haunting of Hill House

By: Shirley Jackson



This is one of the best horror books of all time that has revolutionized the modern paranormal stories; the book begins with Dr. Johnson Montague and Eleanor Vance who seek help from a young artist and the heir of the Hill House. The group heads straight for the old

Mansion to study and examine the place where rooms begin to shift and the whole architecture seems to make no sense at all.



8. The Stand

By: Stephen King


Another one of the popular and best horror books that have been created by Stephen King; The Stand narrates how the world ends – the error in a computer located in the laboratory of the Defense Department together with a plethora of contacts forming the connections in a chain letter of death. After the end, the new worlds’ institutions are wiped away and about 99% of its population has been emptied. The Stand also narrates about a world where the only survivors are panicking individuals who need to choose or are chosen.



9. The Silence of the Lambs

By: Thomas Harris


The story begins with Clarice Starling – a young trainee for the FBI who was given the task of collecting psychological profiles of various serial killers; here, Starling presents a number of questionnaires to the extremely smart forensic psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, who is also a cannibalistic serial killer.



10. Little Star

By: John Ajvide Lindqvist


The story is about two young females – one considered as extraordinary while the other suffocates beneath her own negativity and mediocrity – who both connect, meet, then form an online friendship that will eventually have unfortunate consequences. The theme of Little Star generally focuses on the modern-day fears and worries that drive the anxiety of most adolescents.



11. The Call of Cthulhu

By: H.P. Lovecraft



The Call of Cthulhu is one of the best horror books known as a dangerously frightening story of how weak the human mind is, especially when it is being confronted by intelligence and powers that are far more powerful compared to our world.



12. The Passage

By: Justin Cronin


This is a story that is all about survival during a catastrophe; the story begins with Amy who was left behind by her mother and was eventually pursued then imprisoned by unknown shadowy figures.



13. The Shining

By: Stephen King


The Shining is another one of the best horror books of all time that speak of an individual named Danny, a young five-year-old that is considered as a shiner due to his psychic voltage. However, when Danny’s father became the Overlook Hotel’s caretaker, the young boy’s visions grew frighteningly and incredibly out of control.



14. The Damnation Game

By: Clive Barker


There are a lot of other things that are far more concerning than death; and also, there are games created so exquisitely evil and vile that no gambler around can even exist. Amid the rubble that has been left from WWII, a man named Joseph Whitehead dared challenge the evil champion of life’s greatest game; when he eventually became a millionaire, Whitehead is locked in a terrifying fortress designed by himself and has hell to pay for all his doings.



15. Piercing

By: Ryu Murakami


The protagonist of the story has a strange liking for ‘piercing’, and he has somehow overcome the urge to just pierce through the flesh of his just newborn baby. To get his frustrations out, he decides to look elsewhere and thus, captured a prostitute instead, taking all of his issues out on her for the time being. A lot of talk about cutting the Achilles tendon, as well as horrifying things and ideas that can easily build-up in a normal person’s mind and soul.



16. The Handmaid’s Tale

By: Margaret Atwood


Another one of the best horror books of all time since the vision of Atwood is just one of the most frightening and she makes it all seem so possible. In the story, the world is controlled by a religious yet woman-hating society that only considers them as laborers and breeders.



17. The House of Leaves

By: Mark Z. Danielewski



This book is not only a mind-blowing as well as mind-boggling haunted house story, but it is also one story that can leave its readers feeling claustrophobic just by the very act of reading through the book. The House of Leaves is an expansively thrilling story that will surely invade the minds of anyone.



18. Heart-Shaped Box

By: Joe Hill


Another one of the best horror books that will surely pique anyone’s interest; the story is about an aging rock star that purchases a suit that is infested, or rather, inhabited by a poltergeist. The suit eventually turns on him and the story will keep anyone up all night.



19. The Complete Tales and Poems

By: Edgar Allan Poe


The list of best horror books will never be complete without a little bit of Edgar Allan Poe – this is a compilation of the mysterious and supernatural tales created by the original master of fear and terror. Poe simply knows how to capture anyone with their hearts in their throats and this is one of the books that you should definitely have especially if you enjoy such themes.



20. Dawn

By: Octavia Butler


The mix of horror and science fiction created by Butler always seems to be terrifying and beautiful – something that isn’t an easy thing to achieve; the story begins when an alien race saves every last human standing; however, they demand a very steep and rather disturbing price. The book teaches you that whatever happens, no trade will ever be free.