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Best Humor Books

December 19th, 2016

Reading finely written books can take you to places through your imagination; however, it is quite rare to find books that can easily and naturally provoke a fit of laughter. Reading can be considered as an insular and relaxing activity, and when a book is able to release all sorts of emotions, this only means that what you have is a very special and well-written book.


Here is our list of some of the best humor books of all time:


A Confederacy of Dunces

By: John Kennedy Toole


Known as an American comic masterpiece as well as one of the best humor books of all time; the book follows the story of Ignatius Reilly, an obese savant who had several failed attempts to blend in with society. The Confederacy of Dunces has been named as one of the masterpieces of comedy whose pages are filled with some of the best fictional ideas in literature.



Three Men in a Boat

By: Jerome K. Jerome


The book tells the story of a two-week boat trip holiday; right on the Thames where the characters left off from Kingston; Thames to Oxford then all the way back to Kingston.



The Code of Woosters

By: P.G. Wodehouse


This is a story of Bertie who is recovering from a bachelor party he personally threw for his fish-faced friend. Yet while Bertie was still recovering, his Aunt Dahlia summoned him and ordered him to head straight for a specific antique shop just to sneer at a cow creamer. The act was a way to squeeze out the shop owner’s confidence which will eventually drop the item’s price before Aunt Dahlia’s husband buys this.



Good Omens

By: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett


At some point, the army of good and evil have started to gather while Atlantis starts to emerge, frogs are everywhere, and tempers are flaring up – all these seemingly part of the succeeding Divine Plan. However, a fast-living demon and a rather meticulous angel who have both lived on Earth since The Beginning, are not really amused by the coming Rapture since both have somehow grown fond and enjoyed the lifestyle of mortals.



Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

By: Douglas Adams



Just a few seconds before the Earth’s annihilation to simply make way for the creation of a galactic expressway, Arthur Dent is picked out from the planet by one of his friends to begin their journey through this space-aided adventure with the help of quotes right from The Hitchhiker’s Guide. This has become one of the best humor books of all time because of its brilliantly written ideas, wit, and of course, humor.



Lamb – The Gospel According to Biff

Jesus Christ’s Childhood Pal

By: Christopher Moore


The birth, acts, glorious teachings, as well as the divine sacrifice of Jesus right after his thirtieth birthday have been finely chronicled yet no one really knows how the early life of Jesus was – except for Biff, the best buddy of the Messiah. He has been resurrected to share His story through a pleasantly hilarious yet very heartfelt work.



Cold Comfort

By: Stella Gibbons


One of the best humor books until today is Cold Comfort, a comic novel which spoofs the romanticized and sometimes doomed accounts of the popular rural life during that time.



High Fidelity

By: Nick Hornby


Nick Hornby is a popular contemporary writer who has come up with one of the best humor books of all time; his story begins with the protagonist, Rob Fleming, who bumbles from an ill-advised set to another. The book is also one clear way that dissects man’s incompetency of growing up that is shown in this painfully and hilariously true comic.



Black Swan Green

By: David Mitchell


A coming of age tale that is also considered among the best humor books around; Jason Taylor is a young boy who is attempting to understand the world in the year 1982 in Worcestershire. In the story, his parents seem to connive in self-destruction and Jason is trying to work all of these things out. Languages and references used are all spot on and the abundance of comic set pieces keep the story entertaining without falling into melodrama.



Gargantua and Pantagruel

By: Francois Rabelais


This is a set of fun and energetic-themed novels that mix slingshot satire with crazy vulgarity; Gargantua and Pantagruel is among the best humor books that focus on a family saga that associates giants and their crazy adventures like battles with mustard-excreting flying pigs, swallowing pilgrims after they have landed onto the salad plates of the giants, as well as spurting out broad Church-related rudeness.



The Diary of a Nobody

By: Weeden and George Grossmith


Long ago, Charles Pooter earned the recognition of the suffix ‘-esque‘ and this amazingly created masterpiece has never been out of print, thus, making it one of the best humor books of all time.




By: Irvine Welsh



This book is a mixture of all sorts of things – everything violent, dark, addictive, and destructive; but above all else, Trainspotting is a tour de force of pure black comedy. Welsh uses his gift of excellent language to mesmerize you and every other reader, displaying the caustically thrilling misadventures that Rents, Begbie, Sick Boy, etc. take part in.



American Psycho

By: Bret Easton Ellis


This book is similar to Trainspotting and it is also among the best humor books around; American Psycho features characters that can be considered as crude scoundrels but operate and function on a much higher social layer. However, despite the characters being a group of loathsome people, there is still the presence of an Earthy humor to the character’s extremely bland life. The book may have graphic murders yet you will have more laughs than horror.



The Commitments

By: Roddy Doyle


There is something fun and entertaining to sing about in Barrytown, Dublin since The Commitments is sharing the soul’s gospel to those around them. The group’s double assault takes them from parish halls right to the studio’s door but can they really live up to their name?



The Ginger Man

By: JP Donleavy


One of the finest rascals in literature is probably Sebastian Dangerfield – a borderline intellectual who has lively boho aspirations yet cannot avoid stopping himself from getting dead drunk at every opportunity. Despite the book being banned in Ireland and the US due to its obscenity, the book is still considered as one of the funniest and best humor books that you will ever have read.



Straight Man

By: Richard Russo


The mid-life crisis of a male is often a rich playground of ideas for stories and Straight Man is one of the best humor books around; it focuses on the life of an English Department’s interim chairman named Hank Deveraux as he takes on his dear wife, daughter, feelings for three women, and also the campus geese as his life slowly unravels throughout the story.



Blood Sucking Friends

By: Christopher Moore


Jody never really wanted to become a vampire but she ends up becoming one after waking under an alley dump together with an aching neck, severely burnt arm, superhuman strength, plus an indescribable thirst that she annoyingly can’t control.



Skippy Dies

By: Paul Murray


You know that Skippy just by reading the title, but the tragic occurrence does not detract from the amusing accounts of a teenager’s life while in a top-notch boarding school in Dublin. The story is both funny and touching – something that isn’t always an easy aspect to pull off. This is one reason why Skippy Dies is one of the best humor books that you should definitely get your hands on.



Tietam Brown

By: Mick Foley


The story revolves around the life of Andy or Antietam Brown V together with his capricious father Antietam. Tietam Brown is one of the unflinching, raw, painfully funny as well as amusing stories that is also appealing and direct, pleasurable and moving in its excellent storytelling fashion.



The Comedy of Errors

By: William Shakespeare



Shakespeare was able to skillfully employ slapstick in one of the best humor books of all time and he marvelously titled this as The Comedy of Errors. The story is about two sets of twins who were all separated at birth; today, a lot of academics praise this work of Shakespeare since it focuses on social relationships.