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Best Photography Books

December 19th, 2016

There is nothing like taking a look at some of the most inspirational and best photography books to satisfy your viewing pleasures while also igniting your interest in photography; and generally, there are more than a million reasons why this is such an interesting and amazing craft.


A lot of people – whether they are photographers or not – are highly drawn to this magnificent art since it captures the beautiful and special moments in pictures – pictures that have the capacity to bring out different types of feelings and emotions.


Here is our list of some of the best photography books of all time that you can get your hands on for inspiration and great lessons to further enhance your photography skills:



The Americans

By: Robert Frank



The introduction of The Americans’ first edition was written by Jack Kerouac, a highly popular poet and novelist of the Beat Generation; the book first came out in the year 1959 then after, it was eventually published by Robert Delpire in France. This has become one of the best photography books of all time since its text is a flawless accompaniment to the featured photographs which have a 50’s jazz theme to it that goes perfectly with the wide-eyed sadness and innocence.



The Digital Photography Book

By: Scott Kelby


Each page featured in this book displays a different concept on how to further improve your photography. Every turn of the page, you will get the chance to learn another setting used by the pros, as well as tricks that will help turn your work from just snapshots to excellent gallery prints.



Understanding Exposure

By: Bryan Peterson


Understanding Exposure is one of the best photography books that deals with each element of shutter speed, exposure-aperture, ISO, and how these work in terms of depth of freezing, field, blurring action, as well as taking photos at night or during low light. There is a special section in the book that features a variety of techniques that explores certain options like under and over-exposure, bracketing, the use of filters, and so on.



The Art of Photography

By: Bruce Barnbaum



This book is extremely helpful and informative especially if you are attempting to acquire in-depth information on the craft; the texts in the book are separate from all the beautiful photos, and the book focuses into the philosophical, technical, creative, and the aesthetic aspects of the arts.




By: Helmut Newton


Sumo is another one of the best photography books that were created by Helmut Newton, a German-Australian photographer; the book comes as a monograph that exhibits all of his work in different categories such as fashion and celebrity photographs.



The Photographer’s Eye

By: Michael Freeman


The Photographer’s Eye is a book that features all the traditional and classic approaches related to design and composition; it also takes note of the new techniques of digital shooting by sharing info that this form of photography can later be manipulated, or even edited for the desired final results.



Learning to See Creatively

By: Bryan Peterson



A highly notable columnist photographer who makes use of greatly effective instructional methods that teaches you how to take outstanding photographs anytime, anywhere. For comparison, Peterson puts together regular photos with further improved images of the same scene to better improve your photographic vision.



The DSLR Book

By: Tony Northrup


The Digital Single LensReflex  or DSLR camera is one great and revolutionary way to take beautiful images to create timeless art and the book continues off where your camera manual ends. It also teaches you how to take photos that truly display the charm of the world around.



The Moment it Clicks

By: Joe McNally


Joe McNally is one of the top digital photographers in the world who created The Moment it Clicks, one of the best photography books of all time. Here, he combines breathtaking images with a stunning layout of a handy coffee-table book that features valuable training, proper insights, as well as important photography tricks that will definitely help improve your skills.



Beyond Portraiture

By: Bryan Peterson


Excellent portraits are featured in one of the best photography books of all time and these reveal the most intimate moments an individual displays that make up life. In this book, the famous Bryan Peterson will show you how to spot and take those “ah-ha” moments to have them captured in a photograph forever.



The Art of Boudoir Photography

By:  Christa Meola


This is one of the greatly anticipated and best photography books of all time – The Art of Boudoir Photography features the renowned photographer, Christa Meola, who thoroughly explains photography instructions that include fully detailed information that can help every woman look and feel perfectly beautiful by further developing their sex appeal. The Art of Boudoir Photography features an exquisitely illustrated guide that will let you better understand how to bring out the best in women while also increasing your skills in photography to capture beautiful shots of women successfully.



Studio Anywhere

Shooting in Unconventional Locations

By: Nick Fancher


Studio Anywhere is one of the popular and best photography books available and it is one great resource for photographers to learn all the tricks and tips through behind the scenes shots, as well as lighting diagrams. Aside from these, Francher also lets you in on the various aesthetic options he uses for his signature photos that will inspire and develop your own personal vision.



The Essence of Photography

By: Bruce Barnbaum



In this book, Barnbaum explores the rarely discussed issues and concerns in photography by sharing his personal observations and experiences for over forty years of teaching and photographing. Additionally, Barnbaum also makes use of music, painting, writing, as well as the businesses and sciences to offer vital samples for creative thoughts and ideas.



The Camera

By: Ansel Adams


Adams is known for producing some of the most memorable and notable images as well as helped develop the art of photography via technical mastery and creative innovations – all these shared on every page of one of the best photography books of all time.



LIFE – Guide to Digital Photography

By: Joe Mc Nally


The highly famed LIFE photographer and photo editor has clearly and articulately pointed out his ideas, techniques, as well as thoughts on how you can take finely exposed shots while simultaneously showing you how to actually make a picture.



How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

By: Tom Ang


This is among the best photography books that feature detailed and pertinent information on how to take picture perfect shots; How to Photograph Absolutely Everything is a succinct guide that features detailed instructions and straightforward photos to know which equipment you will need for the shoot, what the best approaches are for each of your subjects, as well as to light, compose, take, and frame shots.



Light, Gesture, and Color

By: Jay Maisel


Maisel shares his excellent judgment and learning points that he acquired from years behind the lens by creating one of the best photography books of all time; here, he easily communicates some of the most vital elements necessary for street photography such as gesture, light, and color.



Using the View Camera

By: Steve Simmons



The natural connection between travel and photography is clearly displayed in the book Using the View Camera. Steve Simmons was able to lavishly exhibit beautifully illustrated shots that are featured on every page of this book. Furthermore, there are also detailed instructions in the book that thoroughly demonstrates how your camera can be used to record the true beauty and essence of a place.


Shooting in Sh*tty Light

By: Lindsay Adler and Erik Valind


Professional photographers Erik Valind and Lindsay Adler share some of the worst lighting moments that photographers can encounter in photography while also providing a couple of solutions for each situation. Shooting in Sh*tty Light is one of the best photography books out there since Adler and Valind were able to clearly explain which of the solutions are better and why a specific option may be better than the other.



A Life in Photography

By: Joyce Tenneson


This is Tenneson’s very first reflective overview of all the years she has been doing photography, where she exhibits her very best works such as the Light Warriors, the Flower Portraits series, as well as other unknown photographs during her early years, writings, and also self-portraits.