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Best Technical Books

December 19th, 2016

Anything that is related to technology makes us forget about the past since last year’s news about technology seems rather useless today. Thankfully, historians are able to finely preserve technical industry even if it is becoming extremely vital to the evolution of the environment and the world.


Listed below are some of the best technical books which are both fun to read due to the fact that these relate to great ideas; furthermore, the books also greatly influence a new generation of technologically-inspired individuals. Without further wait, here are the books that deliver technical understanding on how various things work and also those books that deliver hard-earned wisdom.



The C Programming Language

By: Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie



One of the best technical books that readily educates its readers the technical language while simultaneously illustrating a variety of useful algorithms; The C Programming Language also features data structures and programming techniques that are extremely helpful for those interested in this field.



The Inevitable

By: Kevin Kelly


The author of this book readily guides its readers to gain further knowledge on the twelve technological necessities that can enhance and change the way we live. The book dwells on details about virtual reality, digital economy, as well as AI; plus, The Inevitable also aims to provide better knowledge of the technology that will be able to alter the planet’s future.



The Open Organization

By: Jim Whitehurst


One of the best technical books that reveal various methods on how to create a passionate, engaged, and efficient workforce that will be able to perform effectively while boosting revenues. It also gives its readers various ideas on how to utilize technology to one’s advantage while also displaying how establishing a strong collective can actually lead to inevitable success.



The Past Present and Future of JavaScript

By: Alex Rauschmayer


In this inspiring book, Rauschmayer clearly defines how the association of opportunities and technologies during the past fifteen years can turn JavaScript’s fortunes; the author also illustrates a detailed view of freshly proposed fixes and features that will let its readers further understand JavaScript



Electrical Installation Work: Level 3

By: Trevor Linsley, Mark Baker, and Peter Roberts


Electrical Installation Work is one of the best technical books that was approved by the EAL for use in Electrical Installation – Level3 Diploma. It has become one of the best technical books since it offers expert advice that has been written with the EAL to guarantee that the book completely covers what every learner or reader should know to be able to successfully pass their exams.



The New Digital Age

By: Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen


The New Digital Age is filled with fascinating and interesting ideas, prescient warnings, as well as informed predictions based on the digital age. The New Digital Age is one of the best technical books that tackles with some of the most challenging questions that relate to the future such as how technology will alter the way people handle issues such as security and privacy, intervention, war, and a lot more. It also tackles topics on how we can make use of fresh technology to further improve our way of living.



The Innovators

By: Walter Isaacson


The Innovators is one great and smart attempt to come up with ideas on how the internet and computers came to be. This book covers the fascinating work of about sixty innovators which makes it one of the best technical books of all time since it reveals that all the advancements and success in technology was due to excellent teamwork rather than the ideas of geniuses or radical behavior.



E-Learning & the Science of Instruction

By: Richard E. Mayer & Ruth Colvin Clark


This book, created by two of the most well-renowned experts in e-learning, provides essential guidelines and information for designing, selecting, as well as developing synchronous and non-synchronous e-learning courses that better establish skills and knowledge specifically for those learning in the government, corporate, and academic setting.



Scratch 2.0 Programming

By: Denis Golikov


This is one of the best technical books of today since it is about the freshly created computer programming app for children that allows them to freely express their creative side by easily creating their own cartoons, stories, games, and a whole lot more – all these while simultaneously learning computer programming.




By: Steven Levy



Hackers is a book that follows the coming of computing from the 50’s all the way to the early 80’s. The names mentioned in the book are highly recognizable and some of these include Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs – a book that should definitely be read by everyone who enjoys or is into technology.



The Ultimate IFTTT Guide

By: Albert Martinez


Generally, IFTTT is a known automation that helps connect two different services; upon connecting the services, if one of these fails, a trigger or notification goes off to instantly force an action to take place for the services to work normally and efficiently. This guide was written by the author to make it easy for everyone to know more about IFTTT: what it really is, how it works, as well as information on some of the most useful things that the IFTTT can do.



Learning to Solve Problems

By: David Jonassen


A very useful and informative book which makes it one of the best technical books around; the book clearly describes the proper models to use for designing the best and most efficient interactive learning settings that will make it easier for individuals to learn and solve a variety of issues and problems.



Responsive Web Design Overview for Beginners

By: Brett Romero


Here, readers will have a clear idea of what they should expect when they begin creating a highly responsive website and these include the following: the usefulness of smaller screens, an overview of a responsive website design, the involved risks when it comes to various frameworks of a responsive website design, and a whole lot more.



Electrical Drives: Principles, Planning, Applications, and Solutions

By: Jens Weidauer and Richard Messer


This is one of the best technical books written from the perspective of a user/reader; Electrical Drives thoroughly covers all elements of the brand new electrical drives. The book was created to aid users who want to further understand, utilize, maintain, and even design electrical drives; the book is also good for students, technicians, engineers, and specialists who plan to acquire a better and more comprehensive overview of the topic.



Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

By: David G. Rethwisch and William D. Callister


A popular read and also one of the best technical books around; in this book, the authors made sure to continue taking an integrated approach as well as focus on the topic organization. Furthermore, a single definite characteristic, structure, or property type is clearly discussed for all the basic material types.



Handbook of Research on Educational Communications & Technology

By: David H. Jonassen


When it comes to the subject, this book greatly expands its study of the theory, research, issues, as well as the methodologies that comprise the range of educational technology and communication. This is one of the best technical books that is primarily intended for professors, graduate students, researchers, as well as instructional designers under the field of educational communication and technology.



How People Learn

By: John D. Bransford


A book that helps and exhibits how various insights and theories can be translated into practice and actions that readers can actually implement; How People Learn offers exciting, effective, and useful information about one’s mind and brain while simultaneously providing detailed answers on how different types of people learn with the help of technology, visuals, and a lot more.




Complete Guide to Home Networking

By: Matt Smith


Connected is indeed one of the complete guides to help its readers when it comes to home networking; it offers a variety of tricks and ideas that will surely de-mystify and give you a clear idea of what home networking really is and how it can be used.



JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained

By: Tony de Araujo


JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained focuses on concepts and not just about enforcing exotic and difficult scripts that may just lose and confuse students even before they are able to grasp the topic and its idea. Generally, JavaScript is a complex language but with this book – which has been known among the best technical books around – details and information have been simplified without diminishing the main objectives and ideas of the topic.



In the Plex

By: Steven Levy

We all know that Google has successfully shaped and influenced the World Wide Web since it was founded in the year 1998, and in this book, the author takes its readers to have a close look at one of the most successful companies in history.