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Sword art online

May 3rd, 2015

Sword Art online has received boundless fame and a series of these games have been produced due to its wonderful storyline and huge demands from the public. This story is about the players who got trapped. The players fought bravely in the game to overcome the situation. The story talks about the real life experiences of the dark swordsman. This video game is all about the battle of players who experience their lives inside the game. The main player, Krito in the game gets caught. He battles in the game after discovering the real aim of his playing the game.  The story also shows a good connection between the main hero and a girl. The love between the player and the girl gives him the courage throughout the story to fight in the game. It is fun playing this game.

The creator has tried to acknowledge a different vision of life through a game.  People who have viewed the anime will definitely enjoy a lot of new things in the books. Many interesting things are missed in the anime that are clearly explained in the books for better understanding. It is a light novel for the readers. This novel describes the struggle of Kirito and Asuna to fight against the challenges together. There are many other characters in the novel but these two are the main characters. The whole story revolves around their battle to fight in the game and about the relationship. You can easily immerse yourself in the story as the writing is simple and easy to understand. The writing will definitely captivate the reader and take to the depth of the story. If you have already watched anime, you will definitely enjoy reading the novel as it gives the complete perspectives of the story in detail.


The novel gives the story a better flow as everything is described clearly. The love between the boy and the girl has been described in an epical manner. There are certain side stories in the anime that are not given in much detail in the novel. This is a sweet story of heroism and romance. The storyline is quiet interesting and strong. Kirito is quiet familiar with the sword art online but this game is played for the first time by the girl. The experiences of the girl are different as compared to the boy though they are trapped in the same place.  The boy saves his beloved and fights bravely till the end. He has strong sense of determination and courage and he does not lose heart. There is a clean timeline of the events that take place in the story. The reader enjoys reading this novel and do not feel bore. The writer knows how to keep the reader engaged in the story. The novels are presented in an interesting manner and the reader can easily connect the different events to one another to understand the complete story. It is an out product of the writer’s hard work and dedication to work.