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The Best Travel Books

December 19th, 2016

Exquisite and thoroughly-written literature can easily take us to beautiful places that we have never really thought existed, as well as those lovely spots that we have always dreamed of visiting. From the classic to modern narratives, there is a plethora of stunning and gorgeous travel books available to feed everyone’s wanderlust.



We have gathered some of the best travel books of all time which were written by individuals who have successfully traveled all across Africa, America, Asia, and a whole lot more.



The Turk Who Loved Apples

By: Matt Gross


Another popular book that has been included as one of the best travel books of all time. The book is about Gross’ random lessons and misadventures from his decades of traveling all over. He shares various thoughts about how it is working while traveling, how it is being a solo traveler, and how it is like living in the beautiful Southeast Asia.



Down Under

By: Bill Bryson


In the book, Bill Bryson describes and details all his travels via car and railway all throughout Australia; he also documents various conversations he had with numerous people in all walks of life where they spoke of geography, history, animals, plants, and everything about their country.




By: Rolf Potts


Vagabonding – a thoroughly unique guide to the Art of World Travel; it is one of the best travel books of all time that lets readers feel how relaxing and fulfilling it is to take some time off from one’s normal life. Potts shares how any individual that has an independent spirit can reach their dreams of extended overseas travel.



A Year in Provence

By Peter Mayle



A Year in Provence is another one of the best travel books of all time which was written in the year 1989. The book shares the experience of Peter Mayle during his first year in the beautiful region of Provence. He shares with everyone the entertaining and fun local events, as well as the customs in the area; and due to its popularity, the book was later on adapted into a mini television series that starred Lindsay Duncan and John Thaw.



The Geography of Bliss

By: Eric Weiner


The Geography of Bliss talks about Weiner’s explorations in different places where happiness can be found across the globe. He travels all the way to different places like Iceland, America, Switzerland, Qatar, India, and many other places while trying to determine why the citizens in these places are happy. The book is a mix of travel and psychology, making it very interesting read as well as one of the best travel books of all time.



The Black Lamb and Grey Falcon

A Journey through Yugoslavia

By:  Rebecca West



The main objective of the writer was to display the past simultaneously with the present that the region has created. The book thoroughly accounts the Balkan history, as well as the ethnography during West’s whole six-week travel to Yugoslavia. The book made it to the list of the best 100 non-fiction books of the twentieth century, and it is also one of the best travel books of all time.




By: Jonathan Raban


Coasting is part of the list of the best travel books of all time since it shares the story of Raban’s four-thousand-mile travel all around Britain via a thirty-tw0-foot ketch and only using a compass to navigate around the area. Coasting eventually strays into more personal topics such as memories while the book is generally a metaphor for the author’s personal life.



In Patagonia

By: Bruce Chatwin


For those adventurous types of travelers, this is probably one of the best travel books that one can get their hands on. In Patagonia is filled with history and rich anecdotes, as well as raw information straight from the author’s trip to Patagonia – a South American region that is usually considered as extremely exotic even in the eyes of the most seasoned traveler.



Travels with Charley: In Search of America

By: John Steinbeck


John Steinbeck together with his French poodle, Charley, went on an adventure using their converted pick-up truck to tour and go around the United States for a thrilling and fun road trip. Steinbeck had written about their experience during the trip, and stated that he was moved by the desire to explore and learn more about his country on a much deeper level. During his travels, Steinbeck stated that he had a lot of questions during the journey such as “What are Americans like today?”



The Snow Leopard

By: Peter Matthiessen


The Snow Leopard is about Matthiessen’s two-month journey in search for the snow leopard together with the well-known naturalist, George Schaller. They both traveled to the Dolpo region in the Himalayas’ Tibetan Plateau.




By: Jan Morris



“Venice” is also considered as one of the best travel books written about Venice; the author clearly recounts how the city was during WWII; plus, he also analyzes and provides every specific detail on its architecture, environment, the people, and even the tourists who visit the city. He also shares interesting details about Venice’s rich history.



The Art of Travel

By: Allain de Boton


This book written by Allain de Boton takes its readers on a journey through the numerous satisfactions, as well as the disappointments one can face during travel, such as dealing with airports, hotels, and even mini-bars in some accommodations.



Notes from a Small Island

By: Bill Bryson


A rich farewell exploration across Britain has been created with a mixture of touching nostalgia and is delivered with a combination of cheeky humor and entertainment as it provides detailed insights into the contemporary society.



The Road to Oxiana

By: Robert Byron


This book can be best characterized as Robert Byron’s travel diary; The Road to Oxiana shares the idea of how it genuinely is like to travel all the way to the East in the 1930’s. Its pertinent and clear details make it one of the best travel books around, and it has also been named as the Ulysses of all travel books and writing.



In Search of Captain Zero

By: Allan Weisbecker


This book was written by Weisbecker who is a surfer and photojournalist during his travel in search for his long lost friend and fellow surfer who had disappeared at some point. The journey takes Weisbecker all the way to the Mexican border then after, he reaches seven other countries located in Central America, where he eventually finds his long lost friend.



A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush

By: Eric Newby



Despite having this title, the story of A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush does not depict an easy and relaxing travel; instead, Newby’s tale as he travels to the Nuristan Mountains in the northeastern portion of Afghanistan, shares with its readers all the challenges and obstacles that he and his companion had gone through during the exploration. However, it is still an adventurous, funny, and thrilling story that shares of the good and rough times during their trip.



Roughing It

By: Mark Twain


This is a semi-autobiography travel book that was written by Twain to share his personal recollection and memory of his interesting wanderlust moments. Roughing It is one humorous book combined with the interesting views of the author – one that greatly helped construe the course of literature in America.



An Area of Darkness

By: V.S. Naipaul


One of the most interesting and best travel books of all time; An Area of Darkness is considered as the travelogue of Naipaul where the author detailed their trip all throughout India during the sixties.



Travels with Myself and Another

By: Martha Gellhorn


The book speaks of Gellhorn’s globe-spanning travel adventures that were both accompanied and alone. She mixes exceptional insight with sharp and witty humor while sharing various moments during her travel.



Arabian Sands

By: Wilfred Thesiger



The author traveled all the way to the deserts of Arabia, taking the risk in the mid-20th century. He spent around five years in that area where he experienced the Arabian Sands which resulted in him coming up with a variety of information that he had collected through interactions with the many native tribes around – the tribes who were not really open and comfortable around Westerners.

The Best History Books

December 19th, 2016

Though the past is indeed staying firmly in its place, this fact does not stop a lot of scholars from exploring and researching about history; they carefully study these from every angle and dissect it carefully for further understanding. As a result, amazing history books have been written in the past years: from the Fresh Look at Ancient Rome, Mary Beard’s Energetic, to the impressively fresh study on a person named Monsieur Bonaparte.


Here is a list of some of the best history books for those who wish to explore the richness of the past:



Magna Carta

By: David Carpenter


Magna Carta is one of the most popular documents that have been recorded in world history; it claims an essential principle, “a ruler is always subject to the law”. The book also exhibits the various discoveries that give an account to the origins of Magna Carta, the enforcement and survival, as well as how this instantly gained an important spot in the political lives of the English.



Mongol Queens

By: Jack Weatherford



Mongol Queens speaks of the Mongol Empire’s history which also includes the fact that this was actually an empire and not just some land controlled by random horsemen. This empire greatly affected a number of major governments from China to Europe – economically, politically, and culturally.



Why the West Rules – For Now: The Patterns of History,
and What they Reveal About the Future

By: Ian Morris


The book is about the very first ape-men or hominids until the present day and included here is a chapter that hypothesizes about the future. It also describes the different patterns of the history of humans where Ian Morris, a historian and archeologist, provides surprising and interesting answers to such questions like: “Why has the West taken over the globe and will the power even last?”



A Short History on Nearly Everything

By: Bill Bryson


Bill Bryson is not a great scientist but he is an observant and curious writer who, a few years ago, had no idea how to differentiate a quasar from a quark, or even a protein from a proton. He did his best to cure his ignorance of such scientific things, thus created the book called A Short History on Nearly Everything – one that has become part of the list of the best history books of all time.



The Raj at War

By: Yasmin Khan


WWII was not only fought by Britain alone since India played a great role during this period; they produced the biggest volunteer army in history which had more than two million men in the group. The Raj at War is among the best history books of all time that feature the hidden and most often, overlooked history of India during the war; it also features how mobilization for such instances introduced a tectonic method of cultural, social, and economic chance.



A People’s History of the United States

By: Howard Zinn


Another one of the best history books that feature a clear and direct prose together with its scholarly research. A People’s History of the United States is the only volume that tells talks about the story of America through the eyes of American women, African Americans, factory workers, the working poor, and the immigrant laborers.



The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World
in the Age of Philip II, Vol. I

By: Fernand Braudel


During the 1500’s, the Spanish were immensely rich where billions of silver and gold were poured into their coffers. Yet after a century, Spain ended up bankrupt, so Fernand Braudel creatively explained the rise of the Ottoman’s Empire while also bringing about a fascinating tour around the Mediterranean during the 1500’s.



Agents of Empire

By: Noel Malcolm


During the second half of the 16th century, almost all of Western Europe’s Christian States were defending themselves against the Muslim superpower, the Ottoman Empire. This period exhibited violent conflict yet there were also quite a number of peaceful interactions between these opposing powers.



History of the Peloponnesian War

By: Thucydides



One of the best history books is the History of the Peloponnesian War which is a historical account that is all about the Peloponnesian War that has been fought between the Delian and the Peloponnesian League.



The Rise and Fall of Third Reich

By: William L. Shirer


One of the best history books of all time is The Rise and Fall of Third Reich which focuses on the history of Nazi Germany. Shirer chronicles both the rise and demise of Nazi Germany right from 1889 during the birth of Adolf Hitler, up to the end of WWII in the year 1945.



The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World

By: Lincoln Paine


This is also one of the best history books of all time that share the world’s history through the relationship of man with the sea. The book takes its readers back to the pre-Columbus explorations while also featuring the seafaring’s spot in globalization. Readers will also get the chance to see how the oceans were used for trading goods, spreading languages, culture, people, and religion.



Guns, Germs, and Steel

By: Jared Diamond


The book tries to explain why the Eurasian civilization survived and even conquered others; it also simultaneously argued about the idea that their hegemony was all because of any form of Eurasian moral, intellect, or even inherent superiority.




By: Edward W. Said


The Blind Fiddler 1806 Sir David Wilkie 1785-1841 Presented by Sir George Beaumont Bt 1826


This is among the best history books of all time that studies all about the cultural representations that are the general basis of Orientalism and the patronizing understanding, as well as the fictional portrayals of The East’s society and individuals who inhabit the various areas in North Africa, Asia, as well as the Middle East.



SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

By: Mary Beard


This is all about Ancient Rome and it begins right from its early days as a relatively little village, to an empire as one of the most notorious superpowers in history.



The Making of the English Working Class

By: E.P. Thompson


This is one influential and best history books of all time that was published in the year 1963; the book focuses on the English working and artisan class society while in its influential years from 1780 to 1832.



The End of the Cold War: 1985-1991

By: Robert Service



A big change in the world’s history included the spread of Perestroika all throughout the previous Soviet bloc and the Berlin Wall’s dismantling, then two years after this, resulted in the rupture of the Soviet Union. The historian Robert Service carefully examined how the changes came about, and these were exhibited on one of the best history books of all time called The End of the Cold War.




By: Nikolaus Wachsmann


This is one of the best history books that has the first and most clearly defined history of the concentration camp system of the Nazis. This book provides an integrated and unprecedented account of these concentration camps right from their inception and all the way to their demise.



The History of England, Vol. V

By: Lord Macaulay


This is one of the best history books of all time that covers the whole seventeen-period of England from the year 1685 to 1702. This period surrounds the reign of James II, the coregency of Mary and William, the Glorious Revolution, and all the way to William III’s death.



How the Irish Saved Civilization

By: Thomas Cahill


This is one of the best history books of all times that tells of Ireland’s untold story about their heroic role during the fall of Rome. It also narrates until the Rise of Medieval Europe.



The Radicalism of the American Revolution

By: Gordon S. Wood


This is a non-fiction book created by Gordon Wood and it focuses mainly on the radical character and aspects of the American Revolution.


Best Technical Books

December 19th, 2016

Anything that is related to technology makes us forget about the past since last year’s news about technology seems rather useless today. Thankfully, historians are able to finely preserve technical industry even if it is becoming extremely vital to the evolution of the environment and the world.


Listed below are some of the best technical books which are both fun to read due to the fact that these relate to great ideas; furthermore, the books also greatly influence a new generation of technologically-inspired individuals. Without further wait, here are the books that deliver technical understanding on how various things work and also those books that deliver hard-earned wisdom.



The C Programming Language

By: Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie



One of the best technical books that readily educates its readers the technical language while simultaneously illustrating a variety of useful algorithms; The C Programming Language also features data structures and programming techniques that are extremely helpful for those interested in this field.



The Inevitable

By: Kevin Kelly


The author of this book readily guides its readers to gain further knowledge on the twelve technological necessities that can enhance and change the way we live. The book dwells on details about virtual reality, digital economy, as well as AI; plus, The Inevitable also aims to provide better knowledge of the technology that will be able to alter the planet’s future.



The Open Organization

By: Jim Whitehurst


One of the best technical books that reveal various methods on how to create a passionate, engaged, and efficient workforce that will be able to perform effectively while boosting revenues. It also gives its readers various ideas on how to utilize technology to one’s advantage while also displaying how establishing a strong collective can actually lead to inevitable success.



The Past Present and Future of JavaScript

By: Alex Rauschmayer


In this inspiring book, Rauschmayer clearly defines how the association of opportunities and technologies during the past fifteen years can turn JavaScript’s fortunes; the author also illustrates a detailed view of freshly proposed fixes and features that will let its readers further understand JavaScript



Electrical Installation Work: Level 3

By: Trevor Linsley, Mark Baker, and Peter Roberts


Electrical Installation Work is one of the best technical books that was approved by the EAL for use in Electrical Installation – Level3 Diploma. It has become one of the best technical books since it offers expert advice that has been written with the EAL to guarantee that the book completely covers what every learner or reader should know to be able to successfully pass their exams.



The New Digital Age

By: Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen


The New Digital Age is filled with fascinating and interesting ideas, prescient warnings, as well as informed predictions based on the digital age. The New Digital Age is one of the best technical books that tackles with some of the most challenging questions that relate to the future such as how technology will alter the way people handle issues such as security and privacy, intervention, war, and a lot more. It also tackles topics on how we can make use of fresh technology to further improve our way of living.



The Innovators

By: Walter Isaacson


The Innovators is one great and smart attempt to come up with ideas on how the internet and computers came to be. This book covers the fascinating work of about sixty innovators which makes it one of the best technical books of all time since it reveals that all the advancements and success in technology was due to excellent teamwork rather than the ideas of geniuses or radical behavior.



E-Learning & the Science of Instruction

By: Richard E. Mayer & Ruth Colvin Clark


This book, created by two of the most well-renowned experts in e-learning, provides essential guidelines and information for designing, selecting, as well as developing synchronous and non-synchronous e-learning courses that better establish skills and knowledge specifically for those learning in the government, corporate, and academic setting.



Scratch 2.0 Programming

By: Denis Golikov


This is one of the best technical books of today since it is about the freshly created computer programming app for children that allows them to freely express their creative side by easily creating their own cartoons, stories, games, and a whole lot more – all these while simultaneously learning computer programming.




By: Steven Levy



Hackers is a book that follows the coming of computing from the 50’s all the way to the early 80’s. The names mentioned in the book are highly recognizable and some of these include Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs – a book that should definitely be read by everyone who enjoys or is into technology.



The Ultimate IFTTT Guide

By: Albert Martinez


Generally, IFTTT is a known automation that helps connect two different services; upon connecting the services, if one of these fails, a trigger or notification goes off to instantly force an action to take place for the services to work normally and efficiently. This guide was written by the author to make it easy for everyone to know more about IFTTT: what it really is, how it works, as well as information on some of the most useful things that the IFTTT can do.



Learning to Solve Problems

By: David Jonassen


A very useful and informative book which makes it one of the best technical books around; the book clearly describes the proper models to use for designing the best and most efficient interactive learning settings that will make it easier for individuals to learn and solve a variety of issues and problems.



Responsive Web Design Overview for Beginners

By: Brett Romero


Here, readers will have a clear idea of what they should expect when they begin creating a highly responsive website and these include the following: the usefulness of smaller screens, an overview of a responsive website design, the involved risks when it comes to various frameworks of a responsive website design, and a whole lot more.



Electrical Drives: Principles, Planning, Applications, and Solutions

By: Jens Weidauer and Richard Messer


This is one of the best technical books written from the perspective of a user/reader; Electrical Drives thoroughly covers all elements of the brand new electrical drives. The book was created to aid users who want to further understand, utilize, maintain, and even design electrical drives; the book is also good for students, technicians, engineers, and specialists who plan to acquire a better and more comprehensive overview of the topic.



Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

By: David G. Rethwisch and William D. Callister


A popular read and also one of the best technical books around; in this book, the authors made sure to continue taking an integrated approach as well as focus on the topic organization. Furthermore, a single definite characteristic, structure, or property type is clearly discussed for all the basic material types.



Handbook of Research on Educational Communications & Technology

By: David H. Jonassen


When it comes to the subject, this book greatly expands its study of the theory, research, issues, as well as the methodologies that comprise the range of educational technology and communication. This is one of the best technical books that is primarily intended for professors, graduate students, researchers, as well as instructional designers under the field of educational communication and technology.



How People Learn

By: John D. Bransford


A book that helps and exhibits how various insights and theories can be translated into practice and actions that readers can actually implement; How People Learn offers exciting, effective, and useful information about one’s mind and brain while simultaneously providing detailed answers on how different types of people learn with the help of technology, visuals, and a lot more.




Complete Guide to Home Networking

By: Matt Smith


Connected is indeed one of the complete guides to help its readers when it comes to home networking; it offers a variety of tricks and ideas that will surely de-mystify and give you a clear idea of what home networking really is and how it can be used.



JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained

By: Tony de Araujo


JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained focuses on concepts and not just about enforcing exotic and difficult scripts that may just lose and confuse students even before they are able to grasp the topic and its idea. Generally, JavaScript is a complex language but with this book – which has been known among the best technical books around – details and information have been simplified without diminishing the main objectives and ideas of the topic.



In the Plex

By: Steven Levy

We all know that Google has successfully shaped and influenced the World Wide Web since it was founded in the year 1998, and in this book, the author takes its readers to have a close look at one of the most successful companies in history.

Best Selling Books

December 19th, 2016

When we speak of “Best Selling”, it is generally the number of copies that has been sold of each book available, instead of the number of books that have been printed or are presently owned. The process of selecting the best selling books can be a very tedious task: all books need to be listed based on the highest estimate of sales that have been reported in independent, reliable, and legitimate sources. Based on the Guinness Book of World Records, the Bible is still considered as the best selling book of all time since the number of sales and distribution reached more than five billion copies. When it comes to the most printed and distributed books, it is the Qur’an, with billions of copies known to exist.


This is the primary way to determine what the best selling books of all time are yet scholars have been continuously debating over which book is considered the best selling book since finding out which book has enjoyed the most success commercially should be a stronger endeavor.


Unfortunately, there really is no central archive for the total number of sales when it comes to books and most publishers do not really share the numbers for books, or the numbers that they actually have are not really that accurate. Moreover, books that have been created in the past and are kept in the public domain are most likely to be published concurrently by different publishers around.


With all the admonitions in mind, here is a list of the top 20 best selling books of all time:



Anna Karenina

By: Leo Tolstoy



The book of Anna Karenina is about the ill-fated love affair between the rebellious and sensual Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky, a dashing officer. The story is set during the time of Imperial Russia where Anna travels all the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg to save her brother’s marriage since he had a love affair with his own housemaid.



Don Quixote

By: Miguel de Cervantes


A lot of best selling books enthrall generations of passionate readers and one of these books is Don Quixote; this is a story of a man who has become overly obsessed with tales about knights so he decided to become one himself. Quixote’s misadventures begin when he travels across the countryside of Spain to find wrongs for him to correct and lonely people to uplift.



Madame Bovary

By: Gustave Flaubert


Madame Bovary in the book is known as an author who dared to delve into an adulteress’ heart, enumerating its contents with an intensely deep dispassion. Madame Bovary was then tried for such reasons as offenses against religion and morality.



A Tale of Two Cities

By: Charles Dickens


This is one of the best selling books that talk about the different struggles of classes that lead to the French Revolution; it also speaks of the truths about the dark side of the revolutionaries and the establishment.



War and Peace

By: Leo Tolstoy


The story begins in St. Petersburg, Russia in the year 1805 where the conquest of Napoleon stirs worry and fears in the whole of Russia. War and Peace is an epic tale that graphically describes the events that led to Napoleon’s Russian invasion, as well as the effect of the Napoleonic times on the Tsarists.



The Lord of the Rings

By: J.R.R Tolkien



This is perhaps one of the ultimate fantasy novels created which makes it one of the best selling books of all time. The story is about the twenty rings that long existed for elves, dwarves, men, and one was created by the Dark Lord named Sauron. It was created to rule all the other rings and all the evil coming from the Dark Lord was poured onto this.



The Great Gatsby

By: F. Scott Fitzgerald


One of the best selling books is The Great Gatsby which is told by Nick Carraway who was a previous neighbor of Gatsby. Here, Nick has just moved to the West Egg from Midwest to seek his fortune and luck as a bond salesman.



The Little Prince

By: Antione de Saint-Exupery


One of the favorites and best selling books of all time – The Little Prince is a charming, strange, yet memorable book that talks about a prince residing in a little asteroid. The little prince meets the author and aviator who crashes with his plane right in the middle of the desert. While the man attempts to repair his airplane, the little prince appears before him and requests that he draws a sheep. The author then eventually learns that this little boy comes from the asteroid B-612 where he left a rose and three volcanos.



Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

By: J.K. Rowling



This is the very first volume of J.K. Rowling’s blockbuster hit that talks about young wizards living in the modern yet magical world. The book is all about Harry Potter, an orphan who was invited to attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – a mysterious yet magical place where the young boy starts his adventure.




By: Vladimir Nabokov


Lolita is among the best selling books of all time that have become internationally popular due to its creative style yet infamous for tackling a controversial topic: the unreliable middle-aged narrator who is also the protagonist, Humbert Humbert, suddenly becomes overly obsessed with a preteen girl named Lolita who lives in the same house as he.



Dream of the Red Chamber

By: Cao Xueqin


One of the known best selling books is a Chinese novel that narrates a family’s rise and fall during the historical Qing dynasty. The book is about the main character, Jia Baoyu, who is an adolescent and carefree male born with a magical and special piece of jade that was placed in his mouth.




By George Eliot


The story focuses on those living in Middlemarch which is a fictitious town in the year 1829 and it revolves around the life of Dorothea Brooke, the courtship of Mary Garth by a man named Fred Vincy, the career of Tertius Lydgate, and the disgrace of Bulstrode.



The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

By: Mark Twain



The story is set in the fictional area of St. Petersburg, Missouri and tells the tale of Huckleberry Finn and his friend Thomas “Tom” Sawyer when they each acquire a good amount of money due to their previous adventures.




By: William Shakespeare


The best selling books of all time include William Shakespeare’s Hamlet or the Tragedy of Hamlet, Price of Denmark; Hamlet becomes depressed due to the death of his father and from Germany, the young man has been summoned to attend his father’s funeral in Denmark. Yet upon returning to his homeland, Hamlet is shocked and dismayed after learning that his mother had already remarried. Here, the Queen had married Claudius, the dead king’s brother, which is addressed by Hamlet as a foul and incestuous marriage.



Moby Dick

By: Herman Melville


Moby Dick is all about the Saga of Captain Ahab and his obsessive and even fanatical conquest to get revenge on Moby Dick, the white whale that bit off Ahab’s leg during his previous whaling journey.



Great Expectations

By: Charles Dickens



One of the best selling books that have piqued the interest of a lot of people is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens; it is a story about both women and men in their search for maturity. It also describes the personal development and growth of an orphan named Pip, the narrator and protagonist of the story.



Crime and Punishment

By: Fyodor Dostoyevsky


The list of best selling books will never be complete without a murder story – Crime and Punishment is narrated from the point of view of a murderer, involving even the purest and most innocent reader. It is also considered like a game of cat and mouse between a cheerful and merciless detective and a young, tormented killer.



The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

By: C.S. Lewis


The book is about four siblings who were living in the countryside together with the quirky professor named Kirke during the Second World War. The siblings curiously explore the house and the youngest one, Lucy, accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious wardrobe. She steps inside and finds herself in a completely unknown, snowy wood.



The Odyssey

By: Homer


The book focuses on Odysseus or Ulysses, a Greek hero, and his journey all the way home after the fall of Troy. It takes the hero about ten years to arrive at Ithaca after the simultaneous ten-year Trojan War.



The Da Vinci Code

By: Dan Brown



A mystery novel that is all about a scheme that conceals the secrets and mysteries of the Catholic Church; the story follows the Sophie Neveu Abraham and Robert Langdon after a gruesome murder in the world-famous Louvre Museum in Paris. They get involved in a conflict between the Opus Dei and Priory of Sion about Jesus Christ possibly being The Marciana’s companion.


Best Science Fiction Books

December 19th, 2016

Science fiction has always been the most argued over and discussed genre that actually extends further beyond books; these are often recreated into TV, film, games, as well as toys thus making it one of the most popular genres of all time. Science fiction fans find themselves loyally sticking to this genre for a couple of reasons: the love for the elements that identify the genre such as alien warfare, mysterious anti-heroes, new species, etc. However, this genre also works as something like a crystal ball that shows everyone the imagined and possible reactions to fresh races, technology, as well as otherworldly locales.


Here are some of the best science fiction books of all time that one should not miss out on if they want to fully enjoy the genre.




By: Frank Herbert


Dune is a story that will always be known as one of the best science fiction books of all time; the story is set in the far future where planetary dynasties have emerged and are being controlled by noble houses. Dune shares the story of Paul Atreides and his family who accepts control over Arrakis, a desert planet and the only source of a special spice (that is also the most vital substance in the whole cosmos) named mélange. Dune also dwells on the multi-layered and complex ideas of religion, technology, ecology, politics, as well as human emotions.



The Saga of Seven Suns

By: Kevin J. Anderson


The Saga of Seven Suns is a space opera that speaks of how humanity will be in the near future when it can colonize other planets in the galaxy. This has become possible with the help of an advanced technology species named Ildrians. At some point, the humans unintentionally anger an ancient race of aliens which causes the universe to engage in war.



Journey to the Centre of the Earth

By: Jules Verne



Jules Verne, the father of science fiction, has yet created one of the best science fiction books of all time; the book is about Professor Leidenbrock, an eccentric individual who goes on a thrillingly dramatic journey down a deep tunnel that can be found in a volcano in Iceland. The journey takes him and his companions right to the center of the Earth where they encounter challenging hazards as well as stunning sights along the way.



The War of the Worlds

By: H.G. Wells


The War of the Worlds is another one of the best science fiction books of all time where the author clearly describes an alien invasion in England. This book is perhaps one of the earliest and most popular depictions of an alien invasion which has actually influenced other books and even movies. In the year 1938, a television series was created based on the story and their radio broadcast caused the public to worry since one of their episodes actually made the people believe that there was a real Martian invasion in progress.



The Three-Body Problem

By: Cixin Liu


In one of the best science fiction books, Liu remakes history right after the Cultural Revolution; the story follows the journey of Ye Wenjie after being sent to a secret military base right after the murder of her father by the Red Guards. After forty years, a researcher was ordered to infiltrate and spy on a group of scientists right after a large number of the world’s most notable scientists, including Ye’s daughter, commit suicide. To access the group of scientists, an online VR game must be played where its players need to stop an apocalypse from occurring.



The Book of the New Sun

By: Gene Wolf


The Book of the New Sun is also known as one of the best science fiction books of all time and was also acclaimed as Wolf’s most extraordinary work. It tells the story of a young apprentice named Severian, who was part of the Guild of Torturers that can be found in the world named Urth. Severian was unfortunately exiled for committing the highest form of sin which was showing a hint of compassion towards his victim.


The Dispossessed

by Ursula K. Le Guin


The Dispossessed is one of the best science fiction books that features Shevek, a popular physicist who takes action to break the walls of anger that detached his planet from the rest of the universe. However, to be able to push through with his plans, Shevek will have to give up on his family as well as his life as he takes on the journey to Urras, the mother planet.



The Dragon in the Sea

By: Frank Herbert


The Dragon in the Sea is considered one of the best science fiction books of all time where the story is set in the near future; during this time, the East and West have been in an ongoing war and the available resources are quickly running thin. Because of this, the West have been stealing as much oil from the East by utilizing their nuclear submarines or subtugs to secretly acquire oil. However, this stressful mission has been slowly failing since the last few subtugs have been mysteriously disappearing.



Good Morning, Midnight

By: Lily Brooks-Dalton


This is a story that follows a seventy-eight-year-old scientist named Augustine, and a mission specialist named Sullivan, the two take on a space flight to the planet Jupiter. Both have left their lives and families due to their curiosity about the natural world and because of this, they have both devoted their whole life to exploring these barren areas. However, as all their communication in the world dies, the two rethink what the most vital things are to them.



Drowned World

By: J G Ballard


J.G. Ballard’s Drowned World imagines a chaotic and horrifying future where global warming and solar radiation end up melting the ice caps and jungles that mimic those from the Triassic era have overwhelmed a tropically submerged London. The story is set in 2145 where a biologist named Robert Kerans confronts this dreamlike cityscape that has become populated by albino alligators, giant iguanas, as well as swarms of dangerous insects.




By: Dan Simmons


In the world named Hyperion that goes under the law of the Hegemony of Man, a mysterious being called the Shrike waits for anyone who wishes to confront it. This creature has those individuals who worship it and those who fear it; however, there are also those people who vow to destroy this evil creature as it waits patiently for those in the Valley of the Time Tombs. During the Armageddon’s eve, seven pilgrims embark on a journey to find an answer to the unsolved and questionable riddles in their lives – each one of them carrying a tinge of hope, a deep dark secret, and one of them may be the hope of humanity.





By: Malka Older


Infomocracy is one of the best science fiction books that features a futuristic environment where small democracies vote for a global government they wish to join; however, a group called Information keeps an eye on the elections and even the media. Since another election will be held, an unknown individual is attempting to sabotage the process by destroying the communication system of Information while two specific parties battle to stay ahead.



Super Extra Grande

By:  José Miguel Sánchez Gómez


Super Extra Grande is one of the most interesting, as well as the best science fiction books around; it starts off with the veterinarian named Jan Amos Sangan Dongo who has to find ways to save two ambassadors who get consumed by a huge sea worm.




By: Stanislaw Lem


One of the best science fiction books is this classic work created by the well-known Stanislaw Lem; the story begins when Kris Kelvin sets foot on the planet Solaris to study and explore its surface, life, and more. However, during his trip, he finds a rather painful and previous unconscious memory that is seen in the physical form of a long dead lover. Moreover, the ocean of this planet seems to be one massive brain that creates these forms of embodied memories that manipulate Kelvin’s companions to avert their attention and focus on their quest.



Stranger in a Strange Land

By: Robert Henlein


Henlein’s classic novel tells the story of a man named Valentine Michael Smith, an individual who has lived on Mars since birth; he is also known as the sole survivor of the very first manned mission that headed for another planet. Smith is quite the innocent individual who freshly learns about the human morality, society, and culture; however, he eventually found his own church that was solely based on the principals and beliefs he learned from the Martians.



2001: A Space Odyssey

By: Arthur C. Clarke



When Dr. Dave Bowman and company set out on a mysterious exploration, the computer system of their ship named HAL begins to show signs of strange behavior. This eventually leads to a tense and thrilling showdown between machine and man, resulting in a mind-boggling travel through time and space.



Red Mars

By: Kim Stanley Robinson


For ages, strong sandstorms have continuously swept the barrens and empty landscapes of the Red Planet. For the longest time, Mars has been calling mankind to conquer and control its hostile climate, and in the year 2026, a hundred colonists dare fulfill this destiny in one of the best science fiction books ever made.



Brave New World

By: Aldous Huxley


Sometime in the far future, a group called the World Controllers has established an ideal society for everyone; this has been created with the intellectual utilization of genetic engineering, recreational sex and drugs, brainwashing, and all these make their members happy. Amidst all this ‘happiness’, a man named Bernard Marx is on his own having such ill-feelings towards this, and wishes to break free from this society. He eventually pays a visit to the some of the still standing Savage Reservations – a place where the old, classic, and imperfect life still goes on.



Ender’s Game

By: Orson Scott Card


The story focuses on Andrew “Ender” Wiggin – an individual who assumes that he is simply engaging in a computer-simulated war game; however, he is absorbed into something more desperate than just a simulation game. In fact, Ender may be that one special military genius that Earth so desperately requires in order to fight against a race of alien enemies who are seeking to destroy the whole human race.



The Time Machine

By: H.G. Wells



The protagonist of one of the best science fiction books is known to be an English scientist who lives in Richmond, Surrey. He is claimed to be a Time Traveler as the story’s narrator recounts the other’s lecture where he states that time is just a fourth dimension. Later, the Traveler also shares that he created a machine that can allow a person to travel through time where he or she returns at dinner time the next week to share their amazing tales and experiences, thus becoming The Time Machine’s new narrator.

Best Science Books

December 19th, 2016

We cannot deny that there is a plethora of amazing books that have been written in the past; what more, these highly educational books are filled with a variety of pertinent information such as personal memoirs, popular science explainers, as well as controversially interesting new theories which make these among the best science books of all time.


From Darwin to Einstein and Sagan to Hawking, here are some of the highly notable books that have endured history and time:



The Voyage of Beagle

By: Charles Darwin


The Voyage of Beagle is one of the best science books that was beautifully written in an easy and comprehensible manner. This book depicts the journey of young Darwin’s adventure to places such as the Galapagos Islands, South America, Australia then back to England after. This travel was able to alter his understanding and knowledge of biology, plus it also nurtured and enhanced his thoughts on evolution.



Radioactive Substances

By: Marie Curie



Radioactive Substances can really be considered as the work of popular science since the book is Curie’s doctoral thesis that has been translated into English to draw in more readers. Despite being her essay, this has been considered as one of the best science books today since Curie was able to offer a clear description of the freshly discovered radium and polonium, as well as the numerous properties of radioactivity.



Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy

By: Isaac Newton


This book from Isaac Newton focuses on the deconstruction of parabolas, ellipses, as well as tangents; however, the intellectual display can trigger more thoughts and ideas on the topic. This book marks the beginning of modern physics and also the three laws of motion that we are all familiar with, thus making it one of the best science books of all time.



The Realm of the Nebulae

By: Edwin Hubble


Edmund Hubble was known as the father of the Big Bang Theory and he worked broadly with redshift while simultaneously providing compelling evidence that our universe continuously expands. The Realm of the Nebulae is a collection of lectures that Hubble provided in the year 1935 just when his various ideas and thoughts regarding the origins of the universe and cosmic expansion were beginning to come into light.




By: Aristotle



This is Aristotle’s written study on the nature of change, motion, and time that makes it one of the best science books of all time; furthermore, Aristotle was able to clearly present an orderly manner of studying and learning about the natural world.



The Sense of Wonder

By: Rachel Carson


One of the best science books that Rachel Carson completed before her unfortunate death; here, she was able to create a simple yet intellectual argument about environmentalism and why it is such a crucial element. The Sense of Wonder also supports her ideas by featuring stunning illustrations and photographs that take you on a journey through Carson’s own personal adventures and experiences.




Special & General Theory

By: Albert Einstein


The book Relativity by Albert Einstein is written specifically for those who are not really familiar with fundamental math. This is also one of the best science books that exhibit Einstein as an individual who can skillfully promote his ideas. For Einstein to thoroughly explain the relativity theory, he takes readers on a journey filled with clocks and rulers while the more complex general theory takes readers to an elevator through an empty space.



On the Fabric of the Human Body

By: Andreas Vesalius




For the longest time, anatomists have carefully dissected and studied the human body based on various instructions that came from ancient Greek writings. However, Vesalius wanted to delve deeper into the subject, so he dispensed the traditional methodology and created his own dissections instead, thus creating one of the best science books of all time.



The Selfish Gene

By: Richard Dawkins


The Selfish Gene is known as one of the best science books today since Dawkins argues that the genes in our body are not present to keep us going but these are present for us to perpetuate. This book features a change in our perspective since we are urged to understand these ideas and concepts through a gene’s viewpoint.



Dazzle Gradually

By: Dorion Sagan and Lynn Margulis


Dazzle Gradually is considered as one of the most popular works of these two authors; both Sagan and Margulis combine a unique blend of essays that deal with all the pertinent topics such as transhumanism and even microscopic life.



Survival of the Wisest

By: Jonas Salk


In one of the best science books, Salk makes use of various philosophical ideas by making use of evolutionary and biology theories, turning these into efficient tools to establish a much more humane view of the world where science could be a vital element when it comes to human development.



Origin of Species

By: Charles Darwin



The book’s title states what it is all about; Darwin shared his ideas and thoughts on the origin of species and how these evolved, survived, and generally how they came to be. This version of the Origin of Species (higher education version), is generally intended for use in colleges, schools, as well as a prestigious learning organization.



One Two Three – Infinity

By: George Gamow


The book features excellent illustrations to narrate the story and idea of this book; the author covers a large range of sciences all the way from the Big Bang to the curvature and situation of the outer space, as well as the amount of genetic materials present in our bodies.



What is Life?

By: Erwin Schrödinger


What is Life is among the best science books that thoroughly describes how a living organism is different compared to an inanimate object such as crystals. In the book, Schrödinger also meticulously outlines how these two groups obey and function simultaneously despite varying laws.



The Cosmic Connection

By: Carl Sagan


The author ensured that both the public and his co-workers had an idea of the outstanding and majestic aspects of the universe which include the usually overlooked worlds that are present in our solar system. Sagan also led the search for alien life and has as well fought for the likelihood of the planets.



Fifty Years at Gombe

By: Jane Goodall


One of the best science books that feature the author’s ideas; it suggests a more thorough yet detailed overview of all her lengthy research that focuses on the behavior of these chimpanzees.



Silent Spring

By: Rachel Carson


Despite being one of the best science books of all time, a flood of criticism followed the release of the book. People started calling her an extremist and even hysterical just because of her ideas and thoughts that she shared in this masterpiece. Despite this, she clearly documented the DDT which led to the US banning the use of insecticide.


The Mismeasure of Man

By: Stephen Jay Gould


In this witty and interesting book of bad science, Stephen Jay Gould sets out on a mission to study and explore biological determinism. She also argues about human intelligence, as well as the connection between a high IQ with the size of the skull.



A Brief History of Time

By: Stephen Hawking


A Brief History of Time is one of the best science books of all time, and it is the only remaining bestseller that Hawking created. In the book, he made sure that you will enjoy his writing that takes you on a grand and exciting tour of the cosmos.



Under a Lucky Star

By: Roy Chapman Andrews


Roy Chapman Andrews established scientific history by leading successful motorized journeys into the unexplored and untouched areas of the Gobi desert. The man returned with items and knowledge that equates to paleontological gold: over 350 new species, the very first fossils from Cretaceous mammals, as well as the nests of dinosaur eggs.

Best Poetry Books

December 19th, 2016

Like all forms of writing, poetry opens one’s mind to new ideas; this kind of literature may seem challenging or difficult to understand due to the symbolisms used, however, reading poetry broadens the mind since it forces the reader to think and move beyond his or her comfort zone. Poetry helps readers see the world in a new perspective while providing entertainment.


There is a wide range of poetry books available and for you to have an idea on where to start, here are some of the best poetry books of all time which you shouldn’t miss out on.




By: Ovid


Among the best poetry books of all time is the Metamorphoses, a collection of stories from Greek and Roman mythology which depict the tales of recorded transformations. It comes with over fifty stories including the legends of Daedalus, Hercules, Icarus, King Midas, as well as the Trojan War.



Shakespeare’s Sonnets

By: William Shakespeare


Shakespeare’s Sonnets – one of the best poetry books of all time, is a collection of William Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets with themes such as beauty, love, mortality, and the passage of time.



By: Dante Alighieri



Dante, guided by the poet Virgil, descends to the depths of Hell and embarks on a journey towards God. Together, they go to the twenty-four circles of the underworld and encounter the tormented souls of sinners who share their sad fates and predict events that could happen in Dante’s life.



The Raven

By: Edgar Allan Poe


One of the best poetry books is Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ which was first published in 1845. The story starts with the narrator who mourns the loss of his loved one, Lenore. The Raven is mostly recognized for its musical tone, stylized narration, and surreal atmosphere.



The Selected Poetry – Rainer Maria Rilke

By: Rainer Maria Rilke


A collection of selected works of Rainer Maria Rilke, one of the most significant poets of the 20th century; his joyous poems endlessly makes even modern readers fascinated.



Selected Poems

By: Emily Dickinson



Composed by one of America’s greatest poets, these verses focus on beautiful, profound meditations on faith, love, nature, and spirit which are stunning with color, as well as insights into fame, mortality, and the soul.



Complete Poems

E.E. Cummings


Complete Poems by E.E. Cummings consists of all the poems that have been published and have been written for publication within his entire lifetime; this includes thirty-six poems which were first collected in the previous edition, plus one hundred sixty-four of his unpublished works which were issued in 1983.



Sailing Alone Around the Room

By: Billy Collins


Sailing Alone Around the Room is a book that consists of both new poems and selected works from his previous collections such as Lightning, The Apple That Astonished Paris, The Art of Drowning, Picnic, as well as Questions About Angels. His works may begin with curiosity and end in grief, or begin with irony then end with lyric transformation; oftentimes, they begin with the everyday and then end in the infinite, which makes this one of the best poetry books of all time.




By: Unknown



An epic that has won awards, is a national bestseller, and is also one of the best poetry books of all time. Composed toward the end of the first millennium, this classic Northern epic chronicles the heroism of a mighty warrior named Beowulf.


Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

By: T.S. Eliot


Among the best poetry books of all time is the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, a collection of T. S. Eliot’s eccentric poems composed about feline psychology and sociology; the musical Cats was based on this.



The Divine Comedy

By: Dante Alighieri


The Divine Comedy tells about Dante’s experience through Hell, Purgatory, as well as Paradise. Considered as one of the best poetry books, it teaches its readers spiritual love as well as human love.



Paradise Lost

By: John Milton



Among the best poetry books and the author’s major work is Paradise Lost, an epic poem which tells the story of the rebellion of Satan against God, as well as the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.



Eugene Onegin

By: Alexander Pushkin


This is one of the best poetry books that features a novel in verse; it tells about love at the wrong time, loneliness, and rivalries. The protagonist, Eugene Onegin, is a socialite who seduces women as a hobby and rejects the passionate Tatyana Larin. Eugene’s friend, the romantic Vladimir Lensky, is a poet who falls in love for Tatyana’s sister Olga.



Howl, Kaddish, and Other Poems

By: Allen Ginsberg


This book is a collection of Allen Ginsberg’s most famous poem, including “Howl” which went through an obscenity trial when it was published; “Kaddish” which is a lament for his mother’s death, and other confessional poems.



Birthday Letters

By: Ted Hughes


A collection of poems which stands as a memoir of Ted Hughes’ marriage and time together with the great American poet Sylvia Plath; these include love letters dedicated to Plath as well as haunted thoughts and memories.



Don Juan

By: Lord Byron


A satiric poem that is based on the legend of Don Juan; here, the author portrays Juan as someone who is easily seduced by women instead of a good-for-nothing womanizer as portrayed in the legend.



Letters to a Young Poet

By: Rainer Maria Rilke


In 1903, a military student sent some of his verses to a famous Austrian poet to request for an assessment of their value; through this series of letters, Rilke, the Austrian poet, replies to the novice. In this archive, you will gain insights into the ideas behind the remarkable poetry of one of the most famous poets.



100 Love Sonnets

By: Pablo Neruda


In Isla Negra’s stunning sea, white sand, scattered delicate wildflowers, the blazing sun, and the fresh scent of the Pacific, Pablo Neruda sets his sonnets of love for his “beloved wife”, Matilde Urrutia de Neruda.



The Poetry of Robert Frost

By: Robert Frost



This book offers the complete collection of Frost’s published poetry, featuring his eleven books of verse, from A Boy’s Will which was released in 1913 to In the Clearing in 1962. Frost’s works are known for its realistic depictions of rural life.



The Man with Night Sweats

By: Thom Gunn


A contemporary classic, the poems in this book were written by one of the most compelling poets in response to the AIDS crisis.


Best Photography Books

December 19th, 2016

There is nothing like taking a look at some of the most inspirational and best photography books to satisfy your viewing pleasures while also igniting your interest in photography; and generally, there are more than a million reasons why this is such an interesting and amazing craft.


A lot of people – whether they are photographers or not – are highly drawn to this magnificent art since it captures the beautiful and special moments in pictures – pictures that have the capacity to bring out different types of feelings and emotions.


Here is our list of some of the best photography books of all time that you can get your hands on for inspiration and great lessons to further enhance your photography skills:



The Americans

By: Robert Frank



The introduction of The Americans’ first edition was written by Jack Kerouac, a highly popular poet and novelist of the Beat Generation; the book first came out in the year 1959 then after, it was eventually published by Robert Delpire in France. This has become one of the best photography books of all time since its text is a flawless accompaniment to the featured photographs which have a 50’s jazz theme to it that goes perfectly with the wide-eyed sadness and innocence.



The Digital Photography Book

By: Scott Kelby


Each page featured in this book displays a different concept on how to further improve your photography. Every turn of the page, you will get the chance to learn another setting used by the pros, as well as tricks that will help turn your work from just snapshots to excellent gallery prints.



Understanding Exposure

By: Bryan Peterson


Understanding Exposure is one of the best photography books that deals with each element of shutter speed, exposure-aperture, ISO, and how these work in terms of depth of freezing, field, blurring action, as well as taking photos at night or during low light. There is a special section in the book that features a variety of techniques that explores certain options like under and over-exposure, bracketing, the use of filters, and so on.



The Art of Photography

By: Bruce Barnbaum



This book is extremely helpful and informative especially if you are attempting to acquire in-depth information on the craft; the texts in the book are separate from all the beautiful photos, and the book focuses into the philosophical, technical, creative, and the aesthetic aspects of the arts.




By: Helmut Newton


Sumo is another one of the best photography books that were created by Helmut Newton, a German-Australian photographer; the book comes as a monograph that exhibits all of his work in different categories such as fashion and celebrity photographs.



The Photographer’s Eye

By: Michael Freeman


The Photographer’s Eye is a book that features all the traditional and classic approaches related to design and composition; it also takes note of the new techniques of digital shooting by sharing info that this form of photography can later be manipulated, or even edited for the desired final results.



Learning to See Creatively

By: Bryan Peterson



A highly notable columnist photographer who makes use of greatly effective instructional methods that teaches you how to take outstanding photographs anytime, anywhere. For comparison, Peterson puts together regular photos with further improved images of the same scene to better improve your photographic vision.



The DSLR Book

By: Tony Northrup


The Digital Single LensReflex  or DSLR camera is one great and revolutionary way to take beautiful images to create timeless art and the book continues off where your camera manual ends. It also teaches you how to take photos that truly display the charm of the world around.



The Moment it Clicks

By: Joe McNally


Joe McNally is one of the top digital photographers in the world who created The Moment it Clicks, one of the best photography books of all time. Here, he combines breathtaking images with a stunning layout of a handy coffee-table book that features valuable training, proper insights, as well as important photography tricks that will definitely help improve your skills.



Beyond Portraiture

By: Bryan Peterson


Excellent portraits are featured in one of the best photography books of all time and these reveal the most intimate moments an individual displays that make up life. In this book, the famous Bryan Peterson will show you how to spot and take those “ah-ha” moments to have them captured in a photograph forever.



The Art of Boudoir Photography

By:  Christa Meola


This is one of the greatly anticipated and best photography books of all time – The Art of Boudoir Photography features the renowned photographer, Christa Meola, who thoroughly explains photography instructions that include fully detailed information that can help every woman look and feel perfectly beautiful by further developing their sex appeal. The Art of Boudoir Photography features an exquisitely illustrated guide that will let you better understand how to bring out the best in women while also increasing your skills in photography to capture beautiful shots of women successfully.



Studio Anywhere

Shooting in Unconventional Locations

By: Nick Fancher


Studio Anywhere is one of the popular and best photography books available and it is one great resource for photographers to learn all the tricks and tips through behind the scenes shots, as well as lighting diagrams. Aside from these, Francher also lets you in on the various aesthetic options he uses for his signature photos that will inspire and develop your own personal vision.



The Essence of Photography

By: Bruce Barnbaum



In this book, Barnbaum explores the rarely discussed issues and concerns in photography by sharing his personal observations and experiences for over forty years of teaching and photographing. Additionally, Barnbaum also makes use of music, painting, writing, as well as the businesses and sciences to offer vital samples for creative thoughts and ideas.



The Camera

By: Ansel Adams


Adams is known for producing some of the most memorable and notable images as well as helped develop the art of photography via technical mastery and creative innovations – all these shared on every page of one of the best photography books of all time.



LIFE – Guide to Digital Photography

By: Joe Mc Nally


The highly famed LIFE photographer and photo editor has clearly and articulately pointed out his ideas, techniques, as well as thoughts on how you can take finely exposed shots while simultaneously showing you how to actually make a picture.



How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

By: Tom Ang


This is among the best photography books that feature detailed and pertinent information on how to take picture perfect shots; How to Photograph Absolutely Everything is a succinct guide that features detailed instructions and straightforward photos to know which equipment you will need for the shoot, what the best approaches are for each of your subjects, as well as to light, compose, take, and frame shots.



Light, Gesture, and Color

By: Jay Maisel


Maisel shares his excellent judgment and learning points that he acquired from years behind the lens by creating one of the best photography books of all time; here, he easily communicates some of the most vital elements necessary for street photography such as gesture, light, and color.



Using the View Camera

By: Steve Simmons



The natural connection between travel and photography is clearly displayed in the book Using the View Camera. Steve Simmons was able to lavishly exhibit beautifully illustrated shots that are featured on every page of this book. Furthermore, there are also detailed instructions in the book that thoroughly demonstrates how your camera can be used to record the true beauty and essence of a place.


Shooting in Sh*tty Light

By: Lindsay Adler and Erik Valind


Professional photographers Erik Valind and Lindsay Adler share some of the worst lighting moments that photographers can encounter in photography while also providing a couple of solutions for each situation. Shooting in Sh*tty Light is one of the best photography books out there since Adler and Valind were able to clearly explain which of the solutions are better and why a specific option may be better than the other.



A Life in Photography

By: Joyce Tenneson


This is Tenneson’s very first reflective overview of all the years she has been doing photography, where she exhibits her very best works such as the Light Warriors, the Flower Portraits series, as well as other unknown photographs during her early years, writings, and also self-portraits.



Best Novel Books

December 19th, 2016

A novel is known as a fictitious composition of book length, which also usually represents action and character with some hints of realism, making it an interesting read for those who enjoy relaxing with a book and a cup of hot cocoa or coffee in hand. There is a large number of these types of books around but only a few are considered the best novel books of all time.


To make it much easier for you to decide on which novel to read first, here is our list of the best novel books that you definitely need to get your hands on.



The Pilgrim’s Progress

By: John Bunyan



The Pilgrim’s Progress is a story of a man who is searching for the truth, and this is one of the best novel books that is written simply yet with the sheer beauty and clarity of the author’s prose, making it the ultimate classic novel.



To Kill a Mockingbird

By: Harper Lee



Definitely one of the most unforgettable and one of the best novel books of all time; To Kill a Mockingbird is a story about one’s childhood in a sleepy and tranquil Southern town; the book also describes a child’s perspective when it comes to racial prejudice.




By: George Orwell and Erich Fromm


1984 is still considered as part of the list of the best novel books since it is still called the great modern classic when it comes to negative utopia. The book is a hauntingly original novel that builds an imaginary environment which is ultimately convincing from the first to the last sentence.



Robinson Crusoe

By: Daniel Defoe


This is probably one of the most popular characters in literature since his great story spawned over hundreds of retellings which make it one of the best novel books of all time. The book tells the story of the survival of Crusoe after getting shipwrecked on an island. He also details how they managed to interact with the natives in the mainland and eventually, waited for someone to rescue them from being further stranded in the area.



Cold Comfort Farm

By: Stella Gibbons


Cold Comfort Farm is one of the best novel books and a highly popular read because of its highly entertaining satire on doomed rural romances.




By: Samuel Richardson


The story is about a tragic yet brave woman who is greatly pressured by her arriviste family to settle down and marry a rich man she greatly detests. It has become among the best novel books today since it is one of the very first books that features Richardson’s keen knowledge about the human heart.



Gulliver’s Travels

By: Jonathan Swift



A very popular satirical masterpiece that has never been out of print due to it being one of the best novel books of all time; the story is about Lemuel Gulliver who has found himself on an island inhabited by small people. He observes them and finds some of their quarrels (considering their height) quite amusing and ridiculous since these often occur due to fame and fashion. However, he occasionally encounters the crude giants of a certain region which leaves Gulliver with bitter insights into the behavior of humans.



Tom Jones

By: Henry Fielding


This is one of the classic novels that readily captures the spirit and heart of its age where its popular characters exhibit the character of the Augustan society, displaying all of their turbulent, garrulous, and comic variety. It is also a well-written book that features all the important details of the story, making it among the few best novel books around.



Nightmare Abbey

By: Thomas Love Peacock



A great novella by Thomas Love Peacock where the story is set in an old, former abbey whose owner is known as a host to various visitors who simply enjoy the ambiance, hospitality, and the chance to engage in endless smart debate.




By: Geroge Eliot


One of the best novel books that is rich in character and story; the story is set in a fictitious town named Middlemarch where several issues on the nature of marriage, the status of women, self-interest, idealism, religion, hypocrisy, and education are present.



The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

By: Edgar Allan Poe


The only novel created by Poe and it is also considered as one of the best novel books of all time; it is a classic and timely adventure that also features hints of supernatural elements. All these blended with exceptional writing makes it an excellent read which has influenced and fascinated writers of all generations.



Moby Dick

By: Herman Melville


A popular novel that speaks of a monomaniacal man, Captain Ahab, who continuously seeks vengeance as he journeys the sea to find the white whale that devoured one of his legs during a previous expedition with his crew.



Vanity Fair

By: William Thackeray


Vanity Fair is one of the best novel books created by William Makepeace Thackeray which tells the story of Emmy Sedley and Becky Sharp amid their family and friends during the period right after the Napoleonic War.



Jane Eyre

By: Charlotte Bronte



This is one of Bronte’s most gothic and erotic creations that became the biggest sensation during the Victorian England time; it also acquired an excellent breakthrough because of its intimate dialogue and connection with its readers.



The Portrait of a Lady

By: Henry James


The best novel books easily draw its readers, taking them completely and embracing them into the story, something just as exquisitely written as The Portrait of a Lady. The story is about Isabel Archer – a stunning American woman who is taken to Europe since they expect that she would marry soon. However, Isabel decided to determine her own destiny and turns down every eligible suitor attempting to capture her heart. However, she then finds herself drawn to a man who, underneath his charming and dignified exterior, is cruelty in the most troubling manner.




By: JM Coetzee


Quite a controversial story about an English professor who could barely control himself and his emotions from seducing a student; his actions of course, turn against him as he loses everything due to such a disgraceful act.



Don Quixote

By: Miguel de Cervantes



Don Quixote is a man who became extremely enthralled by drowning in texts about chivalric romances that he too becomes obsessed with becoming a knight-errant as well. Because of the book’s literary charm, playfulness, as well as its experimental form, Don Quixote has been recognized as the very first modern novel during that period.



The Code of the Woosters

By: PG Wodehouse


The book is the very first installment of the sage of Totleigh Towers and it features the main characters of the story: Sir Watkyn Bassett and Roderick Spode.




By: Mary Shelley


Frankenstein is the very first novel created by Mary Shelley and since then, it has been hailed as an excellent masterpiece, as well as one of the best novel books of the macabre and horror genre.




By: Joseph Heller


Another popular satirical novel that focuses on the life of Yossarian, a malingering bombardier, and hero who continues to reinvent his schemes just to save himself from the terrible chances of war.


Best Non-Fiction Books

December 19th, 2016

There are thousands of interesting fictional stories around that vary in themes such as science fiction, mystery, horror, romance, and more. However, there are also a lot of great, life-changing nonfiction books which stand as a path for us to gain consciousness, to be connected with people from the past, their lives, as well as their triumphs and failures.


With that, here is a list of the best nonfiction books of all time that will surely give a lot of impact on how you see the world around you.




By: Augustine



This is one of the most influential and best nonfiction books that show the life of Saint Augustine of Hippo. In his book, he reflects upon his life from his childhood, the sins he had committed, as well as God’s greatness; it also shows an amazing contrast between the Holy God who is the creator of everything and a common sinner who simply enjoyed God’s everlasting love and mercy.



Homage to Catalonia

By: George Orwell


Homage to Catalonia is a memoir of the Spanish Civil War written by George Orwell; this book stands as his personal account for his numerous experiences during this period.



The Diary of a Young Girl

By: Anne Frank



This is a diary of Anne Frank where she wrote various details and information during the Nazi’s occupation of the Netherlands. It was during the time when she and her family escaped for their safety, and the book received widespread attention and has been published in more than sixty languages.



Economy and Society

By: Max Weber


One of Weber’s most important works and also one of the best nonfiction books is Economy and Society. Economy and Society covers a number of themes which include economics, religion, sociology, politics, and public administration.



By: Elie Wiesel


Night by Elie Wiesel is considered as one of the best nonfiction books of all time. It tells the story of the author’s experience while in the Nazi concentration camp; he was with his father during the period, and this lasted from 1944 until 1945, towards the end of World War II.


Red Notice: How I Became Putin’s No. 1 Enemy

By: Bill Browder


In 2009, a young lawyer named Sergei Magnitsky, was sent to an isolated cell in Moscow; he was handcuffed to a bed rail and beaten to death for testifying against the officials of the Russian Interior Ministry. Magnitsky went against these officials since they stole $230 million of taxes paid to the Russsian government by one of the biggest hedge funds in the world. This brutal incident has remained uninvestigated until today, and Browder has embarked on a quest to seek justice for Sergei.



Silent Spring

By: Rachel Carson


One of the best nonfiction books about environmental science; it details the negative results of the extensive use of pesticides on the environment. This book has helped in bringing environmental concerns and has brought awareness to the people to take care of the beautiful place we live in.



The Interpretation of Dreams

By: Sigmund Freud



For those who wonder about what dreams meant, or if these even have any meaning, this is one of the best nonfiction books for you. Here, Freud states that dreams are a hidden fulfillment of our subconscious desires.


The History of the Peloponnesian War

By: Thucydides


Written by the Athenian general Thucydides, this book is a historical account of the Peloponnesian War – a battle between the Peloponnesian League led by the Sparta, and the Delian League led by Athens.



Democracy in America

By: Alexis de Tocqueville


One of the best nonfiction books where the author analyzes the democratic revolution in the US which he believed had been occurring for the past seven hundred years.



The Prince

By: Niccolo Machiavelli


The story of The Prince starts with a speech to Lorenzo de Medici, where the author explains that he wishes to ask for a favor by giving him some of his knowledge. He categorizes the different kinds of states – republics, mixed principalities, brand-new princedoms, and hereditary princedoms.


The Gulag Archipelago

By: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


From his imprisonment and exile, along with evidence from over two hundred prisoners and archives from the Soviet, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn reveals in one of the best nonfiction books, the repression and the forced labor camp system of the Soviet.



The Praise of Folly

By: Desiderius Erasmus



One of the best nonfiction books that is also considered as one of the most remarkable works during the Renaissance; this essay is a satirical attack against the Western Church European society’s superstitions, and traditions.




By: G.K. Chesterton


Written as a companion to his other work entitled Heretics, Chesterton shares his experience in accepting the Christian faith. Chesterton presents his own perspective on the religion which he sees as the answer to every human’s natural needs.



The Origins of Totalitarianism

By: Hannah Arendt


One of the best nonfiction books where the author analyzes and defines the major totalitarian political movements which are Nazism and Stalinism.



I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

By: Maya Angelou


This American classic is known as one of the best nonfiction books that speak of the American writer and poet Maya Angelou’s early years. It explores sensitive topics such as identity, literacy, rape, and racism to be able to teach various lessons about having strength and love for one’s self.



Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy

By: Joseph Schumpeter


A book on economics which is known as one of the best nonfiction books and most famous work of Schumpeter; here, he introduced the idea of “creative destruction” which changed each person’s approach and perception to global economics.



A Room of One’s Own

By: Virginia Woolf


An extended essay based on the series that Woolf delivered at Girton College, Newnham College, and two other women’s colleges. The book is generally seen as a work with hints of feminism since it discusses the history and situation of women since they were deprived of prerequisites such as financial independence, leisure time, and privacy.



The Liberal Imagination

By: Lionel Trilling


Among the most influential and best nonfiction books during the last century is The Liberal Imagination; a work of criticism which analyzes the promises and limits of liberalism. The book also provides clear and pertinent statements about politics and society.



The Double Helix

By: James Watson


The Double Helix is one of the best nonfiction books that talks about the various important details and information regarding the structure of the DNA. The book is also an autobiographical account regarding the discovery of the DNA structure of the double helix.