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Harry potter

May 3rd, 2015

Harry potter is a wonderful series of books written for children. Around eight movies have also been created on the basis of these books to enthrall the people and lovers of the book. This is an interesting story of a boy and his works. The writer J.K. Rowling got an idea of writing this book while she was travelling in a train. From that her journey of writing these wonderful books started. The magic shown by the writer is quiet interesting. The magic relates to the things of real life. These books have realistic things. The stuff that can be easily recognized by every child in the real world is shown in the movies. Rowling blends the magic fantasies with the real world in a beautiful manner.

The whole storyline is of very high quality. It is all magical when Harry’s friends help him to get through all this. The writing style is quite simple and it sparks deep response in the subconscious mind of the reader. It is not just reading a book but you can experience the magic right while reading the book.


Adults have to open their mind and they have to believe the things given in the story to enjoy reading it. It is hard to believe the things by the adult people that are shown in the movies or given in the book. The training given to the wizard is never explained. What is the exact motive of giving such training to the wizard in the story is not known. If you watch the movies of harry potter, you will love the character of harry potter. All the characters seem to be real and they behave like real kids. The children shown in the movie also go to the school, brush their teeth, spend time with their friends and do their school homework.  This is an interesting book for anyone to read.


All the characters in the story are extraordinary. The plot of the story is very interesting and engaging for the readers. The characteristics of Harry potter may be seen in many children in the real world. It is not a story of nasty characters. In the first book, harry reaches to a world where children can fly and can do many such things. In the first part, harry prevents a lot of disasters in the book with the help of his friends. In the second book, harry reaches school and takes part in other adventures. Each new book reveals new myths of the world. In each book, you will find that the writer has developed an interesting plot to engage the reader completely in her writing. It can hold the interest of every child. The lessons given in the stories are locked in the magic to be learnt easily by the young minds. It is difficult to understand the attraction of kids for these books. The writer has managed to create a hero and his companions to solve the problems that are related to the daily lives of children.