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Life of Pi

May 2nd, 2015

Life of Pi is a specialized movie. It narrates the story of a young boy who was wrecked in a boat with an avaricious Bengal tiger. Both of them come across many hurdles on their journey. Every scene in the film and encounter they come across has been shown as a practical reality in the film. This film in an unforgettable experience and it takes you to a different world. The presentation is awesome and you will enjoy every scene of the film. It keeps you engaged throughout. You will not like to move your eyes away while watching the film as it is so captivating and interesting. The boy in the film lives with his guardians who own a zoo. The family decides to move to Canada and they board a boat to reach their destination. An enormous storm came in to sink the boat. The boy and the tiger survived this killing storm. They both stuck together on a boat.


This is a story of a strong and brave boy who manages to save himself from the cruel paws of a tiger. This film gives you details about the amazing encounters experienced by the boy and spent around two hundred days. The boy has faith in god while he was on that ship with the tiger. The boy remains alive under such circumstances just because of his strength and courage. This film tells you about the courage and confidence. The tiger is an interesting character in the film and it is a wonderful character created by using computer skills. You will definitely get immersed into the film.

The story also has a religious touch to make people believe in God. The story does not focus on a particular God but it makes you believe all religions. The boy learns many new things about God and faith in different scenes. As the story a progress, the boy has to face many difficulties on his way and during that period he gets a chance to learn about the God and faith. You will not believe it but in some scenes, the director of the film has used a real tiger. It is hard to make out but a real tiger has been used in the film to make it more realistic and eye catching.

This film is made by using modern tools and techniques of technology. You can retain some of the memories of the film for a longer period of time. All the scenes are impressive and may be remembered easily. It is an amazing entertaining film for children as well as adults. No one can feel bored while watching the complete movie.

For children, it is an inspirational movie as they can get inspired to face the challenges that may come across in their lives. They can learn from the movie about the courage and determination that this young boy had while voyaging in a sea along with the most furious animal on this earth. It is worth watching to make your children understand the relationship between the God and faith.